Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage

Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage

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Sorry but I didn't like it at all. It was gross and tAsted kind of bloody almost to us. It made me nauseated.

too hot for me and my husband, but our son loved it. I would recommend this to someone if they like spicy.

I know these sausages have fillers, so I was expecting a little more beef like consistency.

They hold up well in a tomato sauce and sauteed with red peppers are truly delicious but once I found out they contain BPA and Propyl Gallate...((two food additives that experts say people should avoid eating.))..I was turned off. They has to be other ways Johnsonville "can maintain their flavor" instead of adding in those additives....

a little too hot and definitely higher in fat than I would have liked

yuck nothing compares to fresh in store ground sausage and many times it can be cheaper than the blah taste of johnsonville.i have tried almost every johnsonville product at home and my husband thinks they are all yuck

I personally do not care for them. I grew up in a very Italian home and these don't taste like Italian sausages. Much too spicy and to be honest, too much heartburn to follow. Their mild sausage is a bit better but nothing Italian about Johnsonville sausages.

I had them once u forgot to read the ingredients ad saw that the casing they use is pork for the all beef ones the flavor was good just wished they would use other type of casing

Too spicy to eat by itself. Better if added in recipes.

A little too spicy for the kids but the hubby and I liked it.

I thought it tasted better than the sausage at my local Italian deli, however there was much more fat than what I expected; somewhat disappointing

Way too hot for my taste.

this one is too hot for my family, but the other varieties are fantastic!

Not really a fan of fennel, so these were not a favorite in my family.

Great for those who like spicy food, might not suggest for a dish being shared between kids and adults.