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  • Tanya1997 By  Tanya1997    

    Love Bare Minerals. It took some getting used to. I used cream foundations for so many years and I didnt feel like I had makeup on with this. Now its the only kind of foundation I use and I love not feeling like I have tons of makeup on my face. This line will not cause skin breakouts either and you can even go to bed with it on. You just have to remember to swirl, tap and then buff it on your skin....flawless! Dont need a mirror to apply

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  • citygirl146 By  citygirl146    

    I usually don't like powder and would much rather prefer a matte cream but this powder is just amazing!! It feels so good on the face and makes you look just so good. I have a hard time using any other foundation now! Definitely recommend, even if for just a try!

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  • thenewme By  thenewme    

    I try because of the commercial on tv. The product arrived and I can?t wait to try it. I did like it for a few days but I got a major breakout. I clean and dry the brushes but I still have breakout. I decide to stop using this and see if it was the cause of my breakout. It takes me a good two week to get my skin under control. I decide to go back and use it. A few days later I was breaking out again. I stop using after that. It might work for other people skin but not for me. It a messy and the powder do goes everywhere. The coverage is great and the color match is good.

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  • Taylerbootz By  Taylerbootz    

    When I was 20, this was something I used. MESSY, yes. Now that I am older, powdered products like these (mineral or not) just look terrible and gross on my face. I tried going back to Bare Minerals but can't. Not a good product for me.

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  • loribethdoll By  loribethdoll    

    I would recommend this to everyone a million times over. I received this starter kit for Christmas from my mother-in-law, and WOW! I will never use another type of makeup - EVER

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  • ab1490 By  ab1490    

    This is a really nice starter kit! I use the brushes daily and they are wonderful. My one complaint is that the powder/foundation makes my skin really itch when it's warm outside. I live in Texas... so it's constantly warm even on some winter days. I don't know if this is common but I got the primer and it prevents most of the irritation. I'm not allergic to it that I know of. I love the way it makes my skin look and how well it hide blemishes.

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  • nmommygrl2 By  nmommygrl2    

    I got this to try BareMinerals a few years ago and I fell in love with this product. For the last 10 yrs it is the only makeup other than lip gloss that I use. I use the all over face warmth every day and a little heavier on my cheeks as a blush. I have a tanned complexion so it works well for me. Love It!

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  • destinyme123 By  destinyme123    

    love it

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  • msbluestone13 By  msbluestone13    

    I LOVE B.E but I would like to see them make a MATTE "get started" kit. I did not like the Original minerals Get started kit at all.. I had to exchange for new shades 3 TIMES AND I had a "Color Match" done each time!!! They need some brown chicks in there to do "color matching" bcuz as a native amer chick one girl matched me too light and the other WAY too dark. The 3rd time I picked the color myself WITHOUT putting it on my skin and nailed it on the head. ANYWAY-- I didnt like the original b.e... it made me too dewy and my skin is already oily and did not cover like it claimed to. I would give it 5 stars if they had a small sample size bisque in the package and made one in matte. otherwise.. b.e. makes osme good stuff :)

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  • anganny609 By  anganny609    

    I have been using this product for about 4 years now and is a must have in my makeup collection. It is very easy to apply from the start. Great formula!. I have large pores on my nose and cheeks this is great for hiding those. It has never caused an outbreak on my face. I also have dry areas on my face which is still not a problem even if it is a powder. This is part of my everyday make up because it is so natural and light feeling but still gives you that great flawless finish.

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  • marjan0801 By  marjan0801    

    I started using bare minerals after my derm recommended it. I am happy with the product, but be careful with the monthly subscription. I am now going to the store and only buying what I need.

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  • sbjfap2 By  sbjfap2    

    I had a hard time believing that a loose powder would be able to cover my face as well as foundation, but this does! The colors look so natural, and it looks like I am wearing make up only to enhance my features, instead of being caked on with make up!

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  • lvp252m By  lvp252m    

    This is my favorite everyday makeup kit. It is the only foundation I have found that matches perfectly with my skin tone year round. The best part about these products is that help reduce breakouts. When I stop wearing it for a couple days or switch to another foundation I usually notice more blemishes and acne.

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  • sparklyglittereve By  sparklyglittereve    

    Bare Essentials was the first line of makeup I wore in high school and seven years later I occasionally still use it. I have alway had acne prone skin and lOve the coverage it gives without being heavy and cakey. I've bought this kit a few times it has everything that is needed from the foundation to the brushes. I love that they gave added new shades as before I needed to mix two shades to get the perfect match. For those just starting out the DVD included is a great bonus.

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  • clover0317 By  clover0317    

    I have to say that this is the second makeup line I have used on a regular basis. I used to be solely a Clinique girl, but a friend turned me onto Bare Minerals and I have never looked back. I couldn't believe that its all natural and it looks amazing on! I have sensitive skin with redness around my nose and cheeks. These products hide the redness and make my skin look flawless. I have to say that I have invested quite a bit of money on the products, but they last a long time. I love the different kits with different eyeshadows; the new Quads are REALLY nice!! I like that you can use your brush wet to make the eyeshadows more vibrant, or just a dry brush and still look great! I recommend this line to everyone; along with their Buxom line too!

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