Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Get Started Kit

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Get Started Kit

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I've used this and I wasn't impressed. My skin felt dry and the bronzer was way to dark and made me look a bit dirty. I wouldn't buy it again.

i do not like the bare minerals products. there products do not work very well. the colors dont look as good on the skin as they do in the pakage. its not just one color its all of them. many of the colors iv used in other products and they look fine on me but bare minerals just look bad. also i do not like there advertiseing online. anytime iv been on a website and they had an advertisement come up my computer locks up then after it comes back i get a warning from my virus thing that it protected me from some malware. it happens every time one of bare minerals ads come up to. i can be on the same site otherwise and never get that message and when i use my spybot search in destroy nothing but when a bare minerals add comes up i get it. i do not trust them anymore

Did not care for this prodcuct. It did not provide the coverage I was looking for. Also the colors are too light.

When I was 20, this was something I used. MESSY, yes. Now that I am older, powdered products like these (mineral or not) just look terrible and gross on my face. I tried going back to Bare Minerals but can't. Not a good product for me.

Absolutely hated this. It was cake-like and not good for dry skin. Begins to crack on skin after few hours. Never again

i didn't try the starter kit but but i tryed the foundation but could't find the right color for my skin tone. and personally i really don't care for the loose powder, the PUR minerals is much bettter and beter matching colors for me

The mineral powder concept is great but unfortunately it isn't for everyone. I have heard people raving about it for forever and so I tried it several times thinking I was doing something wrong. There must be something in it that my skin is sensitive to because whenever I use it it breaks my skin out! I loved the swirl, tap application and the lightness of the foundation but it's just not a fit for my skin type. You also have to watch how much you apply because even though it's light it does have a yellow tone to it. Wanted to like Bare Minerals but it didn't like me.

I really didn't care for bare minerals. It seemed like it didn't cover enough for me and made my face itch.

I did not like the Bare Escentuals makeup. Because it was powder, my skin became very dry and the makeup came off easily because my skin became flaky.

Not for me. The foundation is not long wear. It settles in my pores, fine lines and acne scars. I wanted to love this foundation but for someone with oily, acne prone skin, it does not offer the best coverage or stand up to the oils that my face produces my mid-day.

The foundation creates a nice natural yet flawless finish but, and this is a big does not stay on very long. A primer only helps a little bit, be prepared to constantly touch-up your face...but at least it does not look cakey when you do so. The Mineral Veil is ok, you cannot see much of a different. The Blush is fantastic, the absolute best part of the whole complements all skin tones. The Warmth is useless, it makes fair to medium skin look orange even when using a tiny bit. Perhaps it looks better on darker skin tones. The Buff Brush sheds like crazy and is a bit rough. The Primer or Face Gel that comes with it is not very good, I did not notice a difference at all with using them.

This is pretty good. I like how the warmth gives you a very natural bronze look and it barely looks like you have make up on but I HATE that it's easy to transfer. even with the mineral veil and all whenever i would barely touch my face it would come off

This is good summer makeup sheer. However in the winter I like to have more coverage so I switch back to liquid foundation. Also sometimes BareMinerals actually makes my pores look bigger or more pronounced.

I love the concept of mineral makeup, especially since I suffer with adult acne. Once you get the hang of the swirl, tap, and buff it is quick and easy to apply. That's where the fun ends for me. The colors are way off with their products. I'm a neutral tone caucasion. I'm not too pale but I'm also not medium. Light is way too yellow. Fairly light would be a great match but it also has alot of yellow. Medium is too dark and pink and Medium Beige is too dark. I currently use Fairly light. I have to really buff to tone down the yellow but by the time I buff so much, the makeup seems to be gone and nothing is covered. Also the brushes in this kit are very cheap and scratchy. I personally use Sephora Collections mineral makeup brushes. I think this could be the best mineral makeup on the market if BE would work on their colors.

I liked this product, but found its inconsistency and grey tones to each of the colors muted my skin rather than added the natural color. I found the brand LOTUS did much better and is an upgrade with purer ingredients to bare minerals.