Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Get Started Kit

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Get Started Kit

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Great product! I started using Bare Essentuals in my teens, so at the time I issues with acne. Using something so light really did help my complextion, instead of using greasy foundations that clog your pores. I agree that it can be messy particularly if you are prone to dropping things like I am.

I don't normally wear makeup, but a friend of mine swears by bare minerals. I tried it and love it! I also love that it has SPF. Great product!

i just got the starter kit not too long ago, i was a little worried when i first started using it, just because i was used to a liquid foundation..... but i love it! i have been using it every day. it covers just enough but it doesnt look cakey. and i think that my complextion has cleared up and my skin looks good! im not using my old make up anymore.

Absolutely love BareMinerals. I have very fair, oily skin. This is the only foundation I've tried that gives me coverage and doesn't make me break out! It's also the only foundation I've used that matches my super pale skin tone (I use #1 shade and it blends in very naturally). My one suggestion is that you should always use a moisturizer before using Bare Minerals. That way the powder doesn't settle in dry patches. I also use a primer so that way the foundation lasts longer.

It is really important to moisturize you skin (dab dry with towel after showering), apply moisturizer and allow to absorb into skin while combing out you hair, toweling off, brushing teeth....then apply the product. It really is a wonderful product, doesn't clog pores, great for fair skin and produces great results. I've been using for over 2 years now. Initially, it took me a while to accept not putting liquid foundation on. But my skin never looked better! The built in SPF is a skin saver in itself! I agree, it does make for messy coutertops, they clean up quicker than wrinkles can be erased though : )

Love BE-perfect coverage, quick and easy and great for your skin. For anyone who thinks it looks a little drier on the skin I recommend using the primer and there is also a facial mist that seals your makeup and does give you a dewy look. I went to BE store thinking I looked a little dry too and since adding the spray I am very happy with the line.

This stuff is GREAT! I got a free trial when I bought from; I immediately ran out and purchased a full kit once I ran out. The all over coverage and light feeling was great and made my skin feel fantastic! I won't ever use another power again!

this foundations is amazing, it is exactly as the advertisments describe. Just dip, swirl, and tap, then buff away. It evens out your skin tone and the best's great for your skin, because it's a mineral powder. I love it! A must have in my make-up bag, Long lasting powder blush that comes in over 20 different shades for all skin tones. Leaves cheeks looking flawless and smooth. Will not disrupt any acne, or sensitive skin and is proven by dermatoligists that this is a healthy solution.I think it makes your skin look beautiful and i said early, i a must have for your makeup bag!!! Bare Minerals!

I am very skeptical about a lot of products, but this one is the best!

I have been using Bare Escentuals for about 4 years, and I will NEVER even look at another foundation again. I started out using the original foundation, but have since switched to the matte formula. I cannot say enough about how this foundation has helped my complexion! I have rosasia, and this foundation (and the moisturizer) has helped work miracles! The moisturizer actually calms the redness (I can really see a difference when I switch to a different moisturizer-I always go back to Bare Minerals!), and the foundation helps calm and actually clear any flare-ups. Seriously. My day starts at 6:00am, and I am usually applying my make-up by 7:00am. I usually get home from work around 10:00 pm, and my make-up still looks great! Honestly! I sometimes use a primer, usually not. I found it actually looks better without a primer. I think the PRIMER is what can make it look orange at the end of the day. It can be messy to apply, but that all depends on you. I place a tissue on my make-up table, to catch anything that spills, but usually there is nothing to catch. Use a small amount in the cap, and swirl carefully to work product up into brush. I find that if I am really rushing, that's when I tend to make a mess. I also use a larger cover, from a larger container of foundation. Maybe that's the difference? I have gotten my sister and two nieces hooked on BE also! As far as cost-I don't think it's anymore expensive than others as it tends to last a long time. You don't need to purchase it as often as other foundations.

I have breakouts and problems with dry areas with my skin, after using Bare Minerals, my skin cleared up and looked a lot healthier. This is also the only make-up I've found to stay looking pretty and even looking better throughout the day! I got 10 of my girlfriends to start using this product and they all loved it. The only person I've found that didn't like this product was my mother. She felt it didn't cover her skin enough, which I can see how she'd feel that way, because she uses primer, liquid make-up, concealer, liquid blush, then goes over it all with foundation powder; so I can see why she was turned off by this product. I only have one negative comment about this product, which is the new lock containers. It seems like they work too well and make it hard to open the lock at times.

I have been using Bare Minerals for the past 5 years and LOVE it! Since using Bare Minerals, my skin has never been better! I have fewer pimples and rarely have to touch up my face throughout the day. I have never come across a prodcut as wonderful. I have tried "inferior" mineral kits and NOTHING compares to the original! It is worth every penny!

This is fool proof makeup- anyone not comfortable or familiar with how to apply makeup can use it. It is natural looking, healthy for the skin, and looks great! It does not take long to apply so it is great for moms on a busy morning!!! One can go to Ulta and buy just the foundation if they cant afford the whole kit, but there are also great deals on starter kits. A person could also sign up at ulta to be on the mailer list and get coupons in the mail. I get coupons monthly!

i really love this starting kit. I have very sensitive skin, so a lot of makeup makes me break out, but bare minerals is so gentle on my skin! i love it...

I am a big fan of bare minerals and all of their products. It's fast makeup, and gives a beautiful natural makeup look. I love the warmth because it gives me color. It even works as a concealer for me. It's also great for traveling since it is not a liquid.