Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

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These are definitely MAGIC... I absolutely love Mr Clean Magic Erasers. I use them to clean my home and my clients homes. These will take marks off your walls and other surfaces that you can't normally get off with a wash cloth and some kind of cleaner. I had one lady who had black marks on her walls after moving her furniture and the magic eraser removed every single mark. She couldn't believe it and I received a bonus plus the amount I charged her because of this product. These erasers take off soap scum from your shower doors. It also cleans glass and other surfaces. I definitely recommend them to others.

Best ?Go To? Household Product These are my favorite go to cleaning product! I use these for everything from soap scum in the shower, to wine stains and even magic marker. My friend?s son wrote all over her brand new couch with a sharpie, Scrubbed it with a Magic Eraser, every mark came out!! This is one product I always make sure to have on hand!

Best erasers ever I am a professional housekeeper, & I totally depend on these every time!! If these erasers don't get the stain out, then it won't come out! Just wish the magic lasted longer!

great product I love magic eraser! it gets stuff off so easily that i can't scrub off with other methods. if only it worked on people!

amazing product this product is magic it works on stains, rust and everything you can think about you can use it in all rooms of your house i used this product to clean my soap holder in my shower and it worked like magic my holder looks exactly like how it looked when i first bought it i also used it on stove and it got so much rust and dirt of my stove and oven i couldn't believe it most definitely recommend

Magic from the bald guy This bald fella makes some of my favorite cleaning products! The magic erasers are fabulous. I use them to clean the stove, bathroom and hard to clean spots! They really are MAGIC!

It works! Works to remove stains from walls, doors, appliances, etc. Highly recommended... especially when moving to a new apartment

Easy to wear out I wear these out pretty quick. It helps to clean but doesn't last long enough for the cost.

Mr Clean works on my nurses shoes and scrubs. I use Mr Clean Erasers on my Nurse shoes and they look new again. LOVE this product for cleaning my house as well it quickly removes cat hair and lint from my nurse scrubs with just a quick wipe! 5 stars from this tired nurse who likes to work smarter not harder.

This is a miracle I love magic erasers! They are a necessity for all the messes the kids make. And they are the only thing that work on my glass shower walls to get the hard water spots off.

Love these Love these really helpful with tough cleaning works great on ovens cleaning sports shoes tough cleaning projects

Cleans Good This magic eraser by Mr. Clean works really well. The durability of the eraser sponge is good. It really does clean the surface and not a lot of scrubbing is needed. Definitely recommend.

I've been using Mr eraser for years and love it I have been using Mr eraser for years. It truly cleans everything from tennis shoes to your refrigerator. It really is like magic my kids say. It's amazing how it just works with water and gets everything cleaned and stains removed.

Best Wall Cleaner This takes candle smoke off the walls! I couldn't believe it.

Easy To Use I first began using this product to remove pencil marks next to the pencil sharpener on the block walls of my classroom. (Seemed Middle Schoolers could not resist a blank wall.) I use this in my home and found it works well. My only complaint is sometimes there is some white residue left behind and depending on the surface the pad breaks down easily.