Oreo Birthday Cake Oreos

Oreo Birthday Cake Oreos

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These were amazing! But they were pretty sweet.

Cookies that taste like cake great concept. Great cookie

they definitely have a birthday cake taste and they are on the overly sweet side, but eating just one or two makes it a nice treat. I thought they were delicious, I just had to eat them in moderation because of their sweetness

These are super sweet compared to original Oreos. Again they should stick with what is good and leave them alone.

I liked these cookies. They aren't as good as the original in my opinion but they have a good flavor.

Definitely has a birthday cake taste, but way too sweet and leaves a greasy residue in mouth.

i love oreo cookies but i find the filling soooo sweet! i would sometiomes just eat the cookie itself minus the overly sweet filling :(

tried these once and really liked them and then couldnt find them anywhere after that haha

Maybe I just like a classic but these werent really anything special. I didnt care for them at all.

I had these cookies once and they were awesome! I just wish they had't been a limited edition.

every kind of oreo are amazing and this one takes the cake!! LOL!!! these cookies rock!! YUMMY!!! gotta love 'em!!

My favorite cookie in the world! There is no reason to have any other in the cabinet.

These cookies were good but I couldn't eat that many at a time. The smell of them is really strong.

I thought they would be more "cakey" - but aside from some pastel confetti in the cream, they weren't much different from normal Oreos.

Great snack