Huggies Little Movers Slip On Diapers

Huggies Little Movers Slip On Diapers

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I actually like Little Movers, we just transitioned from these to Pull Ups, and I feel they both serve similar purposes. Before trying Little Movers, I was a huge fan of Pampers only. Now I only purchase Huggies products unless of course there's an unbeatable sale on another brand.


I love these! Great for an active child.

I used these a few times for my son when he started running around, but I honestly found that it was just awkward to use these as a "slip-on" diaper. He wasn't to the stage of stepping into things yet when he was ready for this size, so it didn't make much sense to slip them on. I always had to lay him down to get them on anyways, and if I'm going to do that, I might as well just unstick the tabs and put it on like a normal diaper. They leaked quite a bit around the edges from what I remember, I wasn't a huge fan of them.

We have used these Pull-on diapers since we stared potty training. We use them for car rides so we don't have an accident in our car seat. We also use them for nursery at church. They are very convenient for these situations. I love how they go on like underwear because she is use to wearing underwear during the day now. I also enjoy the fact that I can put them on her standing up. It's a lot easier than trying to hold her down to fasten on a diaper.

Loved the Huggies Brand, so I thought we would try another type of Huggies. This were easy to get on and off of my son but he ALWAYS leaked through them. The only diapers that work for him are the Huggies Snug & Dry.

these diapers do NOT work for my son. he leaks through them so easy. i was very disappointed because my parents gave us 3 packs of these and we couldnt use them!

I think these are just about the same as pull ups,just a different name. They serve the same purpose as a pull up and are similar in design and function. I've used these for potty training before and they work just as well as pull ups,maybe a bit more durable due to added "cushioning" for baby vs. thin pull ups for the sole purpose of getting the child out of diapers and into underwear. However the main reason I absolutely LOVE these is the fact that most of my girls were super tiny and are super tiny when I started/start potty training and the pull ups were gigantic on them! Plus I could only get so many in a pull ups pack. With these,they are smaller sizes so they fit my girls perfectly when potty training started,and we had tons more of them to practice pottying with than the standard 26. Great value for a great price.

These are very similar to pull ups to me. I understand their intent. I would not use these for everyday use, maybe stash one or two in the car just case of an emergency while on the road or even camping. If I recall correctly they are available in the larger sizes and by then the child should chillax so you can get the change done. I used these on my son, I was given a package of size four. Even though he had (and still has) ants in his pants we used these while we were potty training because of their nature. It's a toss up of who I would recommend these to but for normal use.., I say pass.

Love these for potty training. My 2 year old daughter wears them when she naps & sleeps still, and she can slip them on and off just like underware, but they offer more protection at night than other "pull up" type training pants.

These are the only ones that I can put on my son and not leak within an hour. I've never seen a child pee as much as he does and I have a total of five children.

These are okay, they do leak more.

They are good !! If you child is up .and they don;t want to lie down

We used these for months for our little squirmer! Once my son learned how to move around, we could hardly get him to sit still for a diaper change.. and other parents know what a hassle that can be. We never experienced any leakage problems for diaper rashes.

I used these for a few months with my son and they seemed to leak more than any diaper we ever tried. I also felt it was essentially the same as a pull-up and we ended up switching over to that. It is great for children to small for pull-ups as long as they fit snug and don't leak.