Apple iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone 4S

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Yes I am a loyal iPhone user. I LOVE Google Maps. I got rid of my Garmin because my phone gets me where I need to go. I especially love the fact that I can receive messages and conduct other business while on the phone. The only thing I don't care for is SIRI. I think they should have a choice of different voices; like a man's voice for a woman to listen to. :-)

The apple iPhone has been my choice since the first iPhone 3 came out. I currently have the 4S and I do love it. There is an app for everything imaginable . I would never switch back to another type of phone again.

I love this phone and i am iphone for life :) Siri is a little complicated but i love the speak to text function

I love this phone! I would definalty buy this phone again! Siri is a great invention and I love using the talk to text feature!

I love this phone. The app store probably has all the apps you need. I am addicted to it.

I love my iphone 4s! Can't live without it. I've had just about every version. Siri works great, you need to speak clearly in order for it to understand. Battery life is great. I've had no problems.

Love, love, love my white iPhone 4s! the only thing is that the battery goes down really fast!

I recently upgraded my 3g for a 4s. This phone is amazing much faster than the 3. The camera is better. The only complaint I have is Siri does not understand my Cajun accent sometimes.

I just brought my first iPhone and love it. I have been a droid user for years now but after dropping my phone last week I was frantic and after Sprint let me move my upgrade time up for $45 I decided to get the iPhone 4. We have an iPad so I'm finding the iPhone pretty user friendly. So far so good. My hubby is jealous and can't wait until he can upgrade his phone in a month and will be getting one too.

BEST cell phone I have ever had. I love everything about it!!

This phone is nothing short of amazing. I previously was an avid Android user. I switched to the iPhone because I was unhappy with the amount of glitches I kept having with my Android. I LOVE THE IPHONE!! I will say that a couple of downsidse is that you are unable to permanently set websites to "full version", also despite it having Google maps, it doesn't provide you with turn by turn directions via Google maps, which is something that Android has. That I really miss. Other than that, I love the fact that email comes through instantly, the phone runs smoothly and is very fast. I absolutely love it and am very happy with my buy. I am excited for the next iPhone!

I can't believe I ever owned another phone. I've had a handful of other smart phones (HTC Evo, Palm Pre, Google Nexus S), but they all fail in comparison to this. I never understood what all the hype was about. When Sprint finally obtained these bad boys I decided I would try it out. I will never go back to android again. Actually, I have since switched from PC to Mac due to this new love of my iPhone. You really can't go wrong with Apple. Talking to Siri is really as easy as it seems in the commercial! I just tell her to call so & so, or tell someone that I'm going to be late & off goes the text message. She sets reminders, appointments, and all kind of other unbelievably smart things. It's kind of crazy what they're coming up with these days - but it's handy!

I am in love with the iPhone 4S! So glad I've made the switch! Siri is great! Love how it can go through the calendar and let you know what's on tap for the day, read messages to you. The all around organization of this very smart--smartphone is wonderful! I need it's partners the iPad 2 and need to replace my stolen iPod now. GREAT it!!!

I have my 4S for 2 months now and it has helped me so much. I have 4 kids and in school myself it keeps me in the know. I have my schedule plus the kids schedule in one place. All contacts when needed plus the endless apps at my finger tips. I had the iphone 3 and happy I upgraded, not because of Siri but the speed and camera.

As a former Android user I was a bit skeptical about the iPhone 4S. But my curiosity got the best of me and I tried it out. I LOVE it! It is so much more than just a phone. It's a personal assistant, fitness coach, chef, gamer, photographer and so much more all in one little device! It's fast and doesn't lag at all. The app store is phenomenal, with so many apps to try I'll probably never try them all. It's easy to use and much more customizable then I thought it would be. I cannot imagine my life without it now. I would marry there an app for that?!