Apple iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone 4S

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One of the best phones I love this phone, it was defiantly sturdy and durable, it had a nice size to and it was thicker so you always know where it was compared to the new models were its so thin that you can lose it in seconds.

Apple, in my opinion, makes some of the best products on the market. I've had this phone for about a year and haven't had any problems with it. I dropped it twice and it's not scratched and still works great. Siri works pretty well too, and I like it because I hate to type.

By far the best phone/secretary ever!!! First of all for me once you go to apple products, there is no going back. I absolutely love my iphone 4S. Honestly at times I am so busy I forget many things or I am just too busy to stop and do what it is I need to do. I let my phone alert me for bills,reminders, projects, everything. I let it remind up to two times at different time frames. I love the calendar. I think without this I would forget to send my nieces and nephews birthday wishes and gifts. Best part is that I can keep checking my email on the go. I check my email , stay up to date with facebook with this phone. When I am on the go and my daughter is acting up I simply go to one of the downloaded apps and let her watch a cartoon or have her trace her alphabets. SO it has truly saved myself and my family a lot.

Over all I am not an Apple fan, maybe because they are pricier, but the iPhone 4s has revolutionized my mobile experiences. It was my first smart phone and I plan on sticking to iPhones from now on. I have used other people's smart phones and they aren't nearly as user friendly as the iPhone. I do recommend a good safe case, as well as strongly considering going with the 4 instead. (you don't use Siri nearly as much as you probably think that you will.

Love my apple products! Service is exceptional and really have not had many issues with it. Wouldn't want any other phone but the iPhone.

I think besides the glitches its good. It was actually the best looking of the iphones. Very sexy phone! You own the cat walk Iphone 4 and 4s

I love all of Apples products the quailty and performance you cant get anywhere else.I just love it! Easy to download music videos pictures that I had to buy my grandma one for christmas:) No matter the age its Great!!!!

Awesome phone! User friendly and it's great that itunes and apps can be shared on multiple devices!

Yes I am a loyal iPhone user. I LOVE Google Maps. I got rid of my Garmin because my phone gets me where I need to go. I especially love the fact that I can receive messages and conduct other business while on the phone. The only thing I don't care for is SIRI. I think they should have a choice of different voices; like a man's voice for a woman to listen to. :-)

I have had my 4s for almost 2 years now, and the only problem I have is that I am running out of storage space in it. I used to have to return every phone i have ever owned due to glitches. The last phone I had was returned 8 times in 6 months before I switched to Apple, and I have never been happier!

I love my iPhone I thought about switching but I don't be,I'd've I could unless its an upgrade for the next iPhone ..

yes this is what you will need to keep up this day and age

This was my favorite iPhone This was my favorite iPhone. It was as sturdy as a brick. I liked the smaller screen. I used mine for 3 years. Only got a new phone because this one was stolen!

I had this phone for about three years and I loved it. I can't remember how many times I dropped it and it never broke. The only reason I upgraded was because I changed carriers and I might as well get a newer model since I had to get a new phone anyway

perfect phone to have