Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

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I love this product. I always have this on hand especially when my children were babies. I

I swear by Aquaphor! We use it on his dry skin, my dry skin, and its the best remedy for chapped lips!

My pediatrician recommended this product for my daughter when she was potty training and would occasionally get diaper rash. She has SUPER sensitive skin and this product begins to work immediately! She is now 4 and we still use this product - for chapped lips, dry skin, dry elbows. I like to use it on my elbows! It is a wonderful product. Although more expensive than vaselene - it works so much better and lasts a very long time. Money well spent!

Love this stuff! I don't use it on a "child" but I do use it myself on my elbows and feet and let me tell you, it is the best for healing dry, cracked & rough skin! I stockpile this brand of healing lotion when it goes on sale!

Great produce we use it all the time on my daughters ezcema

I received a sample of this once, and I LOVE it! It works so well and doesn't feel greasy after you put it on.

I have used this ointment on the whole family. It works great for scrapes, chapped lips, and dry skin. It also was the best ointment to help my tattoo heal!!!

I love aquaphor. It is literally great for everything. I've even used it myself. I used it as a kid due to mild excema but its is just so great for dry skin. Highly recommend.

My daughter (3) likes to chew on her lips and during the winter they get very chapped and dry and I've found that this product works wonders! I've tried chapstick but find that she just licks it off. This product she doesn't. It heals her chapped/cracked lips and skin!

great product use it on my child all the time

I use this for myself my skin is sensitive and very dry used this for a while now it works great.

I have very dry and sensitive skin and if I use lotion with perfumes I will breakout. I was told to try this and fell in love with it. I can use it everyday and a couple of times a day. I have used this for quite a while now and they also have one with SPF.

Great for using for any kind of skin reaction.. I use it for diaper rash, skin rash, allergy rash, bug bites, chapped skin... So many uses!

I use this on my hands. I am constantly washing my hands and they are dry and cracking this helps so much. Regular lotion burns Aquaphor does not. The only bad thing is that it is super greasy and can stain clothing.

This is the best for dry skin! It was recommend by my pediatrician prior to the birth of my son. Almost 3 years later I still put it on my son and I use it on me. I work for USPS so I deal with paper all day long and it keeps my skin moist and prevents me from getting so many paper cuts.