Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

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Works great. Almost instantly. It is a one application for my son and the rash is gone. Its also great for tattoos.

Great multipurpose product love it

This stuff is the best. I always have to have this in every one of our bathrooms. Great on diaper rash or any cut, scrape. I can put this on a rash at bedtime and the rash is gone in the morning.

We really didn't like this. It is extremely greasy and really did not help at all for my son's rash. My son has very sensitive skin and gets diaper rash very easily. He also doesn't seem to like the feel of this on his skin.

Didn't work for us, my daughter had hives. Was reccommed by her doctor for enezma, but she is allegric. :(

excellent product, but toop greasy

This is the best product and a must have when you are having baby. works like wonders. Instant relief from itching and rash.I just cant imagine what I would have done without this ointment.

Works great. I used it on my daughter when she was a baby. It works better than all the other rash creams

works great

This Aquaphor product is simply amazing! It can tackle just about any skin ailment on a baby's tender little skin. It even can work for an adult with certain skin ailments. I've even used it on myself a time or two. The healing time is super fast with Aquaphor, meaning less time of discomfort for your precious little one. Thanks Aquaphor for a great product. I'd been looking for one like this for months!

This is an excellent product my daughter has eczema so bad and this works great for that it also works on your childrens face for very dry skin just love this product

Best for eczema! I use it everyday and it makes dry skin soft and moisturized.

This product is amazing. My child will have chapped cheeks or chin, or even lips and I can place a small layer on before bed, and in the morning the chapped redness/dryness is gone! It's great for hands too - and helped keep my sunburned skin moist while it healed. Great stuff!

My son has pretty bad eczema, and this has been a life saver! I am so glad my sister told be about Aquaphor Healing Ointment, because my son's pedi just kept giving him steroid creams and wouldn't tell us something that would work to help prevent his outbreaks. This healing ointment has been fantastic, I would recommend it to everyone!

We love this ointment for our baby's eczema. It gives him so much relief from the itching and dryness associated with it and keeps his skin feeling so smooth, just like baby skin is supposed to feel! The only downside is for the person who has to apply it - it's a bit oily (it IS petroleum-based), and the best one can do is rub it off with a dry cloth. But this is not a huge deal at all in light of the benefits we've gotten from this product.