Dyson DC 17 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC 17 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

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Best vacuum in the world! This is the best vacuum ever! It cleans up all of my pets hair so well and I just absolutely love it so much!!

Well- worth money spent! Love, Love, Love this vacuum! It really picks up the dirt and sweeps so easily. It collects items easily such as dust and dog hair and the sweeper is light to push around. Have owned this Dyson for years now and its like brand new! The only downfall to the Dyson is that if you use the sweeper to pick up animal hair, the filter needs to be replaced because the filter will have an animal smell. No matter what you do, its difficult to get the animal smell out of the sweeper when you use it. Other than that, its pricy but well worth money spent! Would highly recommend the Dyson brand.

I have 2 aussie dogs and they SHED like CRAAAAAAZY - this vacuum is AWESOME! It literally sucks up their hair which gets everywhere you v an imagine in no time. Its super powerful - the only negative is that its heavy - so its hard to vacuum the couches because I have to hold the vacuum in air - the handle is not long enough.

Dyson Animal vac i purchased one of these by Dsyon several years ago. the first one did not work. i took it back and got another one. the suction was terrible on the second one as well. it took over a year for dyson to finally respond. they said before they could give me back my money, which was almost 400.00 plus, i would have to send it back to them. i sent it back and got another one. guess what, it was broken at the shaft when i opened the box. dyson refused to give me my money back so i went back to the store where i got it. after arguing with them finally i got my money back. i was told that several employees had purchased this same vac and had the same problems. i would never buy another dyson.

Beast of a vacuum cleans up after my beasts This is a powerful vacuum. There are two filters which must be cleaned regularly. We have had to replace the belt and the hose in the five years we have owned it. I love the simplicity of using the wand to get in the corners without having to remove and replace any parts. I love the bagless system and that I can see it working. It is very heavy and hard to manipulate. If you want a heavy duty vacuum with the understanding it's not a lightweight, this is for you!

Great power Has great suction power. Is very heavy especially when carrying upstairs. The extension tube isn't easily stretched. But does a great job at cleaning debris off of floors and surfaces.

Really wanted to love this! We have owned two of this exact vacuum in three years... and while it does have excellent suction in the beginning, having two lab mixes, the filters get clogged and it stops performing so well. We've cleaned the filters many times, but for us, this vacuum works better in the areas of the house where the dogs don't spend as much time. It also has a harder time catching hard floor pick ups... there's an extra attachment you can purchase, but for the price of the attachment it wasn't worth it. I really wanted to love this vacuum because of the hype, but sadly it just didn't work as an all in one for us.

Cat Fur?? What cat fur?? This vacuum is wonderful. We have two cats and they shed like crazy! White fur every where on my dark gray carpet. After using this vacuum youd never know I had cats. Dyson makes quality products and Id highly recommend them to anyone! They do make lighter weight versions of this vacuum which i own and use on stairs and for quick tile/wood floor cleanup.

Great suction! I have this vacuum and have for a while now. I love it, except for how heavy it is and how hard it is to clean the container. Other than that I recommend it to anyone with pets. It will suck up anything!

Dyson Animal easy to maintain. I have had my Dyson Animal for 10 years. I love it. I was stumped when my first belt broke, about 9 years in....My regular vacuum seemed to require a belt much more often. I like that I don't use a bag and that it is so easy to empty (I shake the container over the compost pile) When I start to smell a little bit of a funk, just using the air compressor to blow out the tubes seems to freshen it right up.

Eh.. Overrated I'm glad to read the other reviews because I thought it was just me with the problem. It this is so hard to maneuver..l oddly enough have that problem more so on smooth hardwood floors. Sometimes I even have to lift it up and manually change direction or it'll get stuck. This is a major design flaw and worth a one star dock. The other star is lost due to the high price (meaning I expected perfection) and the fact that mine came with no user guide for the million attachments - I have to look them up online every time. Otherwise it does what it says - it's great for picking up animal hair though on Berber carpet I often have to do two pass throughs. All in all its a good vacuum but I bet there are comparable a for much less money - my shark was fine and 1/5 the price.

Dyson DC17 Animal vacuum cleaner This vacuum is a lifesaver! We have had it for about seven years now and still love it. We have pets with lots of fur floating and a child with allergies. This vacuum picks up the fur very well and does not kick out a lot of dust. We have never had to get it serviced as we have been able to buy replacement parts online and do it ourselves. The Dyson DC17 Animal is well worth the initial cost of the vacuum.

BEST VACUUM EVER. With 4 cats, this is the only thing that can keep up. There's nothing else comparable. Worth every penny.

4 stars I believe this is a great vaccum ! Suction is amazing . set up was simple. I wish it was easier to turn and the cord was longer. Over all it's perfect !

It is a great vacuum! My main problem is the cost - I believe it is too much for a vacuum. I enjoy a clean floor but I believe a vacuum that costs half would be satisfying as well.