Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

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MR CLEAN Great product .. I use these for cleaning my tub and cleaning my stove top ..

Removes marks, but gets crumbly. I regularly use this product, mainly for cleaning out my tub. I also use it to wipe marks off walls. The only problem I have is it can leave pieces of the sponge behind and crumble easily.

Eh I?m honestly not a fan. They?re not durable and flake within minutes of cleaning anything.

Great for cleaning cabinets and trim I clean everything with these- especially the front of my kitchen cabinets. I like it that you don?t have to use any other cleaning products with them

Cleaner of All Things We use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers quite often! They are great for everyday household cleaning but also on things like shoes and really do a great job. I always try Magic Erasers before I any other product.

Magical This thing can literally get anything clean. White shoes? Wall? Floor? Sink? Literally anything

A true "can't live without" product! As a professional cleaner, this is one of my favorite cleaning tools! They gently scrub any stains, grime, soap scum, etc., without the use of harsh chemicals. This does everything from removing spaghetti sauce stains from a white counter to removing mold from the shower! Incredible product

They really work When these came out I just looked at them and laughed thinking no way they work. And I never bought them. I recently got a sample of one and just throw it under the sink with the cleaning stuff. Then one day I was trying to clean one of the tubs and nothing was working. I googled what might work and it said the magic eraser. So I dug it out to try it... omg, it worked! I was amazed!

Look No More I use this product for all of my cleaning projects. I have not found one surface that this product cannot clean. It is fantastic and worth every penny.

Mr Clean I love Mr Clean Magic erasers. My mom used them when I was little and i have use them now. It will literally take of any scuff on the wall.

These are a must have for cleaning! Who knew that one little eraser would literally remove marks that a normal washcloth & cleaning solution couldn?t! These erasers are a must have for me! I will never stop using them!

great ones!! It really works! It's amazing how I can use this ''eraser'' to help me to clean my baseboards and they end up looking like new!! Highly recommend!

Just a little messy 😁 I love this item they promise a good clean and it gives a good clean, only thing I don't care for is how it brakes apart while in use. It gets kinda messy so its a double clean for me but all in all they are wonderful and I would never stop using them unless they came out with something better lol.

Game changer! This has been a game changer for me and our household. With 2 young kids and a dog, this magic eraser has been able to remove all scuffs on walls, floor and bathroom dirty-ness. I couldn't recommend this product more for basically anything that needs cleaning in your house! Highly recommend!

Great buy Love it! This product has been a life saver. So many uses