Oreo Birthday Cake Oreos

Oreo Birthday Cake Oreos

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I like theses

These are my favorite Oreos! I can eat a whole package almost in one sitting!


can't really taste the birthday cake, but the oreo is just as good as the regular!

I love the fact that Oreo does the different varieties of flavors. The birthday cake Oreos are a bit on the strong side. The cookies your original chocolate cookie and the frosting is a very rich fun Feddie kind of frosting.

I don't think I've gotten the taste out of my mouth yet of these things! The hubby went to the store by himself (smart idea right ladies?) and brought these back instead of the regular Oreos on the list. They don't even taste like birthday cake! They taste like... gross is about all that comes to mind.

I think the only things that should ever taste like birthday cake is birthday cake, and birthday cake flavored Ice cream! Oreos shouldn't taste like birthday cake, and they don't. I wont buy these again, going to stick with my Mint Oreos :)

perfect sweeet treat to curb that sugar craving! Tall cold glass of milk and a handfull of Birthday Cake Oreos. Heaven. ......

Not a fan. Too sweet and weird taste. I'll stick with my regular double stuff Oreo's. Those are the jam!

These are a fun alternative flavor to the plain Oreo! The taste is a very good cake flavor, and the sprinkles are fun! The taste is very sweet- but I think that helps a bit to curb the feelings of eating too many! Definitely not as good as the original, but a fun flavor to try it to buy for a special occasion.

My daughter loves these Oreo's. They are great for classroom parties or any party for that matter! They have a great taste and the creme is always exciting to get to.

What a great addition to the Oreo line of cookies! These taste just like a cake - perhaps a little on the sweet side. I do prefer the original Orea's, but do like these ones too!

I love the taste of these. they are different and a little on the sweet side but they are good!!

I love these and I shared these with my sister and couisn and they love it!!!! There so good you can not just have one!

I liked the concept of the oreo birthday cookie, They are good to