Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

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Loved the books but the movies fall short on the casting and acting. The movie does stick close to the book and is a good portrayal. But the acting could have been better with different people chosen for some parts.

i was addicted to the book series of twilight. i think the movie does justice to the book. i love edward and bella's love story

For me the movies weren't as good as the books but then again I'm a book nerd and always prefer a good book over a movie anyway! But that being said I can't help myself from being sucked into these movies! They are too interesting for you not to be! I love the whole vampire/ werewolf/ human love triangle! They would be very smart an a lot Richer then they already are if they continued with the saga!

There was so much fuss over the books, I thought I would give the film a try. Stupid, self-absorbed girl does stupid self-absorbed things. That is 122 minutes I can never get back.

I loved the whole saga and wish it could continue. Great movie filled with suspense, romance and lots of action.

Way better than I expected I thought this would be another dumb teenage movie but I actually enjoy all of them we bought all of them and watch them over and over

This movie wasn't as great as the first movies in the Twilight series, but it was still fairly descent. A little far-fetched, and only appropriate for the older crowds. Very suspenseful, and action packed.

I have read the books because I did not want to judge the movies incorrectly or unfairly. So here is my opinion, I kind of liked the book as in I could picture what was going on in my head, and it was interesting. Then I saw the travesty of a movie and was so disappointed. Actors were just terrible. I do not think Kristen Stewart knows how to close her mouth for nothing. Robert Pattinson always looks like he is in pain or has to take a poop. It is just so distracting from the story, but when you do look at the story, it is like why did they make this movie and when can I leave the theater.

I have read all the book and of course i had to see all the movies and buy them when the came out on dvd . They are my all time favorite i watch them over and over

Love these movies, they always keep my attention, we've watched them over and over...

Better then I expected . Watched my teenage daughter who wanted to see these movie and well I have watched all of them .

I've read the books and this is where the emotions come in. I loved watching this movie with my Twi-Hard friends. Great pick for a girls night in.

I never thought I'd be a fan of this type of movie... but I've watched all the movies and give it 4 stars.. I can definitely watch the first two over and over again.

Great series and glad I had something to talk about with all my teens!

I waited for this movie, and I have to say that the part where they get married was one of my favorite parts of the movie. I felt like it stuck fairly close to the book, but at the same time it also had its own flare.