MiO  Liquid Water Enhancer

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer

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Ok, it portable and has a somewhat good taste but for the money I'll pass. Just not worth it!

Great flavor

To be honest, I have never tried this product before, but my hubby has and he thinks that it is a wonderful product. He uses it in place of Pepsi. After reviewing these positive feedback and not to mention my hubby's love for this product, I think I would definitely be trying this product.

These are pretty good! Sometimes you have to use a bit more for more pronounced flavor, but a nice break up from plain water. I always lose mine though!!!

I tried Mio in my attempt to drink my water. I tried the original cherry blackberry and it was ok. The flavor of course is stronger if you put more in but I found that putting more in sort of to me defeated the purpose of drinking more water. If you dropped it on a surface it did seem to stain a bit to me but I guess that depends on the surface. Overall I found that just having a cup of ice cold water with me at all times helped me out the most !

I have tried several of the MIO flavors and I love the Sweet Tea! It really tastes like sweet tea! I also like blueberry lemonade. I do have to say that I have not yet found a fruit flavor that I like.

Love the taste! Definitely makes drinking water easier!

When I began drinking orange tangerine MIO, I cut way back on my soda consumption and actually lost alot of weight! And it tastes delicious

Oh my goodness, the tangerine flavor it wonderfully addictive! What a unique flavor profile for a water enhancer. I make sure to keep on eat my desk at all times!

Comes in many flavors. My husband loves them.

Portable, encourages drinking more water, two thumbs up!

I love it! I love how small it is and very convenient to have around. I also like how it has different colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it. It taste healthy and light.

I LOVE Mio! Some of the reason I love it is because it is so small. Does not take up much space in the house and allows me to buy one case of water but have a dozen options as to the flavors! Storage is simple. They are pretty cost effective and so far I like all the flavors I have tasted. Great alternative to soda.

My hubby really liked this after trying a coworkers. He loves the ice tea flavor. I tried and wasn't as impressed.