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  • jkelly821 By  jkelly821    

    I have been wearing this perfume since I was in high school. It is my favorite everyday perfume. It is, in my opinion, the perfect mix of citrus and floral to make a beautifully girly, fun scent. If you are new to perfume, I would most certainly recommend this one. It is not too strong (when used correctly) and I have never heard any complaints of it irritating allergies, or those sensitive to fragrance.

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  • rmccoy1234 By  rmccoy1234    

    This has been my go to perfume, and great to throw in the gym bag. Love how it smells

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  • Rageena By  Rageena    

    This was my fragrance throughout junior high and high school. It is a light, airy, breezy scent with an almost over-ripe, spring garden side. Now, I would only use this scent to layer, never alone. It isn't "enough" to satisfy me, but that might be because I used it for so many years.

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  • Liliana6 By  Liliana6    

    I used very happy a few years ago it smells fresh and very pleasant i would defiantly buy it again.

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  • ashleypreciosa By  ashleypreciosa    

    My favorite perfume since high school. It's a nice flowery smell that I love.

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  • Jai6409 By  Jai6409    

    This is one of my favorite perfume. I like its clean, fresh scent and not overpowering.

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  • courtneyhaueter By  courtneyhaueter    

    Very clean, bright smelling perfume! It really makes me feel happy, haha... very cheesy, but.. It just feels bright and not overwhelming or too strong!

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  • nicole317 By  nicole317    

    Love Happy! It is a great scent so different than the musky scents I usually like, but great for anyday! The only problem I had was it didnt last long in the bottle, after 6 months it started to smell funny!

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  • craftcath By  craftcath    

    I really like this perfume! Nice fresh scent.

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  • Lottie729 By  Lottie729    

    I have always loved this scent. It is light and citrusy without being too fruity and definitely is not overpowering. The cost is good (good not great) compared to the other department store brands. I have not bought this fragrance since I was in college, however I might consider it again for a summer fragrance. I find it a bit young for me (I am 28 btw).

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  • xaveria2 By  xaveria2    

    Beautiful, light, fresh scent that doesn't overpower you. I wanted this for years and was finally given a bottle as a gift. It is my favorite and I tell everyone about it.

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  • pokergirl By  pokergirl    

    Very nice spring/summer scent. I really like it.

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  • RedTabbyWittyKitty By  RedTabbyWittyKitty    

    This fragrance is over 10 years old and I still don't get it. It has an odd smell. Not really happy is what comes to mind. I love Clinique beauty and makeup products, but this fragrance is not appealing to me.

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  • carlsbadmom By  carlsbadmom    

    This is my #1 perfume (behind Vera Wang's Princess). I have used Happy! for years and years and will always wear it.

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  • MissB22 By  MissB22    

    Little strong for me. Can get a bit overwhelming. But nice when it dissapates.

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