Clinique Happy

Clinique Happy

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I loved this perfume at first but as the review above says, as time went by it did get a alcohol smell did get strong. Was nice but ended up throwing it out after a while. too bad!

Little strong for me. Can get a bit overwhelming. But nice when it dissapates.

This fragrance is over 10 years old and I still don't get it. It has an odd smell. Not really happy is what comes to mind. I love Clinique beauty and makeup products, but this fragrance is not appealing to me.

When I first got this perfume, I loved it. I wore it very frequently and always got complimented on it. As time wore on, though, the alcohol smell in the perfume grew stronger and started to block out the scent. Now, with about 1/4th bottle left, I don't wear this perfume all that much because it seems like the smell has changed.

Very clean, bright, citrus scent that is perfect for summer!

I have always loved this scent. It is light and citrusy without being too fruity and definitely is not overpowering. The cost is good (good not great) compared to the other department store brands. I have not bought this fragrance since I was in college, however I might consider it again for a summer fragrance. I find it a bit young for me (I am 28 btw).

This has been my go to perfume, and great to throw in the gym bag. Love how it smells

I used very happy a few years ago it smells fresh and very pleasant i would defiantly buy it again.

It's a nice perfume. I also just got it in my most recent Clinique gift. It smells clean and it's good to wear on any day occasion.

This was my fragrance throughout junior high and high school. It is a light, airy, breezy scent with an almost over-ripe, spring garden side. Now, I would only use this scent to layer, never alone. It isn't "enough" to satisfy me, but that might be because I used it for so many years.

Clinique's "Happy" is truly a bottle of happiness. I switch off between two of Clinique's scents, and would have given it 5 stars if it weren't for my absolute favorite scent -- Clinique's Aromatics Elixer! A woman who owns these two scents absolutely has their full "Scent Library" filled to capacity. Happy is a light, clean, slightly floral, long-lasting scent which stays unique to each woman's chemistry. A must have!

I love Happy, been wearing it off and on for years now, never get tired of it, especially in the summer.

Takes me back in time.... I love Happy, I have been wearing it since I was a Teenager! It's got such a light, fun scent...everytime I smell this fragrance it takes me back in time & stirs up memories of my youth. This is a light, citrusy fragrance that's perfect for everyday!!

fresh, clean scent This is my favorite perfume. Light,fresh and citrus scent. Not strong and overbearing. I get compliments everywhere I go with this scent. I absolutely love it!!

Love Happy! It is a great scent so different than the musky scents I usually like, but great for anyday! The only problem I had was it didnt last long in the bottle, after 6 months it started to smell funny!