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  • CDHollyfield By  CDHollyfield    

    I recently got the tresemme 7 day keratin smooth system, due to great deal I got on it, and it works so good. I recommend it to everyone with thick, unruly hair.

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  • proudarmywife By  proudarmywife    

    This is usually my go to shampoo and conditioner when I am between pay periods for my professional brands. It does an acceptable job without drying out or leaving my hair frizzy. Is affordable as well as coming in good sizes for my 4 girls to use and make it last. Shampoo is also good for using as a shaving aid.

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    This is a standard shampoo and conditioner. It is a few notches above the cheap-o shampoo & conditioner, and it has a nice smell. Don't purchase this expecting a miracle-product. It is good for what it is, but if what you really need is a deep-conditioning, a thicker look to your hair, a special mix that will support dyed locks, etc., then you should buy a blend of product that will support those needs. For a stand-by cleaner (even if it's just to get the residue of other products out of your hair) it does a good job.

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  • 2kitty2pups By  2kitty2pups    

    I like Tressemme for the price but it's not the best product. Although at times, the budget only allows to get the most for your money. It's a good enough shampoo and i would recommend it to someone who doesnt have a lot of $$$ to spend on the more expensive branfs.

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  • khrystal420 By  khrystal420    

    When I use thus product it made my hair really oily and I already have issues with that so I didn't need something to add more to it. Very disappointed in this product.

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  • Lionbubbles By  Lionbubbles    


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  • lilyblossom By  lilyblossom    

    If this is the moisture one. Then I love the conditioner. Makes my hair feel really soft and shiny. The shampoo is also good, but with conditioner it doesn't dry out my hair as much as if I just use the shampoo.

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  • hisgirl78 By  hisgirl78    

    This is the shampoo brand I find myself purchasing again and again.

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  • vintage2002 By  vintage2002    

    this brand of shampoo and conditioner I swear damages your hair when you use it, my hair becomes lighter in color, dry and brittle

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  • hamster_mom By  hamster_mom    

    I love these shampoos and conditioners. I use them each day and they really work even on my color treated hair.

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  • rosebud33610 By  rosebud33610    

    i like it its one of the drugstore brands that dont dry out my scalp

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  • JosieJadore By  JosieJadore    

    Tresemme is a wonderful brand! Their products smell amazing and not only are they effective, but they are affordable as well!

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  • lovestotestmakeup By  lovestotestmakeup    

    this leaves my hair feeling great i love this!!!!!!>!

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  • britt118 By  britt118    

    Love the scent & it makes my hair smooth and smelling great!

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  • kerryleko By  kerryleko    

    The shampoo and conditioner combo doesn't work well with my hair but, smell good

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