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Trader Joe's Grocery Store

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There is NO store anywhere that is quite like Trader Joe's. You get quality equal to Whole Foods, but at a SUBSTANTIALLY lower price. Also, the prepared salads are far better than any grocery I have ever tried. Your dollar definitely stretches further at Trader Joe's.

This is my absolute favorite place to do my grocery shopping. I prefer it over Walmart, Shop Rite or Stop & Shop. I find I pay a great deal less for quality food. I also find the organic produce to be more reasonably priced than other grocery stores. Here is a list of some the products I recommend at Trader Joes: peanut butter Puffins, salsa authentica, cinnamon raisin bread, rice pudding, frozen gnocchi pomodoro, frozen chicken cilantro wontons, dutch chocolate brownie mix and jalpeno refried beans.

This is one of the best grocery stores I have ever been to. The people are incredibly accommodating, and the food is made using great ingredients, which makes sense, because the food is amazing.

Before Trader Joes came along, Publix was my go to grocery store. However, being a vegan can become VERY VERY exspensive. Trader Joes offers AMAZING vegan options at such AMAZING low prices & almost everything is organic. The customer service is BEYOND phenomenal & the samples of the day are ALWAYS delicious! I highly recommend Trader Joes, it's the only place I shop for food now!

My favorite place to shop by far! I love TJ's for their prices, convenience, variety of products, and sustainability and quality! And the staff is always helpful and friendly and willing to chat about products, suggest tips, and generally discuss healthy lifestyles. I wish they had even more locations! I love getting all my produce at TJs knowing there is a great selection that is constantly updated and at a great price! I 've also found a huge variety of specialty products that I used to go to Whole Foods and overspend on. So glad TJs has started offering more products like dairy alternatives, natural sweeteners, more obscure seasonal fruits and veggies, and healthy snack options that fit my lifestyle

A rare breed when it comes to grocery stores. Reasonable prices for top notch even gourmet foods they are in a class by themselves. The only downfall is their are not enough to go around. I often find myself spending more in gas to get to Trader Joes than I save so it's a conundrum for me. Excellent produce and customer service.

Trader Joe's hits a great balance between unique items that you can't get anywhere else and decent price points. It's a small store and things can be a little hard to find but never fear, all of the workers there are the friendliest people and are happy to help. Plus, once you've been there a couple times, you get the hang of where things are. I always seem to discover something new and subscribe to their Fearless Flyer where they feature cool stuff.

Wow I like trader joes but I think some prices or a lilttel high, but overall its a great store I like the fact that I can get all my healthy snacks at one location, the customer service is good at the store I went to in California bayare location I would recommend trader joe they do have good quality of food and different products to choose from . This is my 100% opion and yes this is my opion.

great items only available here.. want more stores!

Trader Joe's is a great place to shop if you are looking for decent priced healthy food selections. One of my all time favorites from there is the roasted corn and black bean salsa! It is absolutely amazing. They also have a great selection on foods, anything that you need you can find there.

Great prices, interesting items and a fun environment. Always an adventure in shopping. Always find something new and different to try.

I love this store although I find it expensive but they have unique, healthy foods and brands that I have never heard or seen before. Their inventory is impressive and their pre-made foods are very fresh. I love their fruits and salads offerings too. I just wish they would be less expensive.

Love this store, love the unique products and freshness of the produce. I would recommend this store! (some of my fave TJ products.... Trader Joes Goat Cheese, TJ Uncured Turkey Bacon, and TJ lean beef)

Love love love this place!

Imagine going into a grocery store where none of the food takes issue with toxicity and the prices are reasonable. Yes, you are on the right planet. It's Trader Joes-and its self-effacing humor doesn't hurt either. Although there are plenty of processed selections, you can also get the ingredients for a robust and healthy life. Bravo Zulu Trader Giuseppe!