Osmocote Slow Release Flower and Vegetable Plant Food

Osmocote Slow Release Flower and Vegetable Plant Food

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I planted a couple of double knockout rose trees last Spring and in less than 3 months they doubled in size I believe from one application. The roses were double the size the were when I first planted them. It was recommended to me and now I'm doing the same.

I use Osmocote in all of my plants - it works GREAT and never have to remember to add it all summer.

Love this, having been using it for years. Will not use any other brand.

The Best Non-Organic Fertilizer If you are a non-organic gardener, this is the only manufacturer I recommend as their slow release produces results. I used to have a nursery as a side business and many of the retail fertilizers burn plant roots. This one doesn't so I recommend it to non-organic users. Great product that produces good results.

I love using osmocote in my garden. I never plant anything in my garden without treating it with osmocote first. The only negative comment I can make is it doesnt smell the best.