Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner

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I always love the smell these products have!

Love the smell

Currently using this on my hair and I love it. It is making my hair much softer and more manageable!

Loved the price. Loved the smell. Really made my hair feel healthy, shiny and moisturized

I feel that the shampoo and conditioner have an awesome smell. The shampoo suds well and the conditioner really does do a great job detangling your hair, however after several weeks of use I felt that my hair started looking a little oily by the end of the day. For me, its good to use once or twice a week, but everyday is just too hydrating.

I really didn't find this a Great Product. I wasn't happy with the Lather & it took me 2+ times to wash my Hair for the Best results. The Conditioner the same, I had to comb through my hair to get it untangled.

I like the bottle and the smell aint to bad

I love the pink color me happy. Whether you have colored hair or not. It makes it soft n easy to comb through

Not bad for the price and for being a drug store product. Leaves hair fairly smooth

This is a great product and smells wonderful and leaves my hair feeling great. I usually will default to this brand when nothing is on sale.

Just ok...Not as good of quality as they were years ago. Of coursee they smell good but the conditioner left my curly hair in shambles. I couldn't even comb through it in the shower!

My hair is curly, and hard to manage. I used this product for 1 month (I can't use a shampoo and conditioner more than a month, it makes my hair go nuts.) and during this month my hair smelled, looked and felt better than it has in years. The formula left my hair light, and grease free which in my case is hard to do. My hair is naturally very oily and until recently was very, very thick. The smell lasted all day and it was a light enough scent that it didn't bother my allergies and my hair was smooth shiny and manageable.

Herbal essence is an okay brand. Not my first choice, but I do have some I keep in the closet for when I run out of my main product and haven't gotten to the store.

I'm a sucker for Herbal Essence products and have been using them for years! Every time something new comes out I have to try it! Let's first start off with the packaging - so cute! I love how the shampoo and conditioner are shaped to fit together and the colors are always eye catching! The scents are amazing and they leave your hair feeling GREAT! Highly recommend! Ohhhh and they are what? SUPER AFFORDABLE!

I don't really like it, especially the hair mask. The color and the smell are just too unnatural...