Movie Mamma Mia

Movie Mamma Mia

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Loved this movie - my kids/husband did not. Definitely for the girls. Just a sweet, fun-loving movie. If you're an ABBA fan, you'll like this one. Great cast. Denfinitely not a NO_BRAINER (that comment made me LOL).

What a great girl friend movie. If you like musicals, if you like the old girfriend stories, if you like modern romance, if you have a daughter, this is a great flick to share! Loved the music. I saw this twice with two different sets of GFs. I'd go again if I had more GFs!!!

Too long but had some good moments and some good music.

Great music. A must for anyone who loves Abba (by the way... if you want to buy the soundtrack, I would recommend going for the original: Abba Gold). Not too impressed by the storyline or the acting, though. This cannot have been good for Pierce Brosnan's career.

This move could put to sleep anyone who has a brain,I guess if you like to waste your time on a NO_BRAINER this is for you

I love this movie! I watch anything and everything with Colin Firth and although I didn't like what they did with his character in the end, the movie was still outstanding. I laughed, cried, sang, and wanted to dance...Love it!