Movie Mamma Mia

Movie Mamma Mia

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I hated this movie didn't even finish it

This move could put to sleep anyone who has a brain,I guess if you like to waste your time on a NO_BRAINER this is for you

What a painful movie to sit through! I sincerely hated it. It came highly reccomeneded to me, so I continued to watch waiting eagerly for it to get better, a mistake I sincerely regret. Don't watch it!

Great music. A must for anyone who loves Abba (by the way... if you want to buy the soundtrack, I would recommend going for the original: Abba Gold). Not too impressed by the storyline or the acting, though. This cannot have been good for Pierce Brosnan's career.

Too long but had some good moments and some good music.

Cute movie, but it was exactly like every other musical I've seen. Love, Love conflict, Conflict, Passionate moments, Big dramatic moment, Sad realization, etc... all being sung annoyingly.

I love the music in this movie (I don't care who you are-- Abba is catchy) and most of the characters. I thought Meryl Streep, while an amazing actress, was miscast in her role. I love Pierce Brosnan, but he can't sing at all.

I didn't even listen to ABBA but now I do! Loved the movie and musical!

Great movie! A movie for musical lovers, lots of singing and dancing. Great story line with some great actors!

For the light-hearted musical lovers! A few all-star actors play a movie adaptation to this adored musical that was delightful.

i think the movie was a great entertainer. some people may find it draggy in between, but i think its a very calm and sweet movie. it is worth watching at least once.

Awesome movie would watch again

Closet Abba fan and sang through the whole movie

Love the song and the story line

Just plain fun. Makes me laugh out loud.