Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

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Amazing product! This is one of the best products ever for diaper rash. I have worked for years in daycares changing millions of diapers and using lots of products this is the only one that improved the irritation of diaper rash by the next diaper change. This is great for every diaper change to prevent diaper rash and dry skin in the winter. This is amazing. Save some money and don't buy the 'baby' version. This is just a ploy to get more money. The regular Aquaphor in the adult skincare aisle (lotions, ect.) is the exact same as the baby version but a few dollars less. The tub is also a better buy. Several stores have come out with generics, CVS is not good but the Walmart brand version is great and cost less and just as effective! Forget Desitin, and pricey Butt Paste- go for the Aquaphor!!!

I love this stuff. It gets rid of my baby's diaper rash much faster that other diaper creams.

It works for every age and every skin need you have, from my dry elbows and knees, to my 6 year olds chapped lips, to my mothers cracked knuckles. Its better than vaseline by far!

Great product for dry and chapped skin.

LOVE this product! Both of my girls have sensative skin. KP, atopic dermatitis... etc. I can use this any where on their skin (face, arms, legs) and it always does the trick. Love it! For KP, also try Eucerin Plus. This has worked wonderfully on my oldest's arms and legs.

I use this for everything and my tattoo artist recommenends this for fresh ink as well! Great product all around

#1 choice for rashes and has many other uses. A little expensive but well worth it.

My daughter developed a dry skin rash on her nose when she had a cold and this got rid of it when nothing else worked!

I have used this on the top of my daughters hands where she tends to get really chapped, and by morning, they feel smooth and moist. My only dislike is how greasy it feels.

One container lasts FOREVER! we've used it for my daughter who has a habit of licking above and below her lips, causing redness and chapping. We put this on her at night and she wakes up looking like a whole new kid :)

I've had several drs recommend this. One even gave me a small sample tube and recommended it for extremely chapped lips, works great!

i like this stuff works great on extremely dry skin. but you can only apply a small amount to keep it from feeling too thick and greasy.

Eucerin Aquaphor works fast and softens the roughest hands with a noticeable difference within days. My husband has really rough hands and noticed the difference the very next morning after applying it the previous evening.