Movie Twilight

Movie Twilight

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Its a great movie. i personally loved it .. i could watch it over and over again., yes some people say its predictable but its still a great movie ... 5 stars

I loved the books and liked the movie. It was nice to see the characters on the big screen, but the book definitely has much more character development and flow.

As usual, the book is better than the movie. I am hoping that the second movie is done a little better.

The Books are alot more appealing, however the movie did bring the book to life a bit more because there were faces that I could imagine. The only con would be the makeup the powder on the skin was a bit cheesy but after awhile it seemed almost normal.

I hated the movie and the book since I've seen better vampire movies!!!1

I did not overly enjoy it. It was hard to follow and i found myself falling asleep in the middle of it.

I loved the artsy feel to this movie. It was a movie that was different and caught my attention. I was impressed with the acting as well. If I were a teen, in school, I would have fallen for the bad boy vampire as well!

I liked the movie. There was a scene that I particularly like and it was when Edward took Bella all the way to the top of the tree and there was this gorgeous site. I want to see the next one already..

This movie was not what the media said it was. I don't know why so many people loved this movie. It was more of a teen movie, maybe that's why there was the huge craze with the kids. I would not recommend this movie to adults. I usually like teen movies but this one was not that great.

Liked the movie but loved the book more! Hoping the next one will live up to the book better!

Originally I had no interest in this movie. It was in theaters for months and I assumed it was for teenagers alone. When it came to DVD I watched it, not only once, but twice in one night. LOVED IT! Haven't read the book, but with all the fuss about comparison I don't think I will.

I liked the movie because it was very romantic and not gourish like other vampire movies. I haven't read the book though.

I really liked the movie. I watched it the day it came out. I was really nervous because I had read Twilight when it first came out, and most of the time the movies aren't as good as the book so i was expecting it to be very lame. But being the Twilight fan I am I watched it and it was great. I cant wait until the others come out but the last one [Breaking Dawn] will be a extremely hard movie to recreate.

The locations were just gorgeous, and so is the brooding Edward. (heehee) I'm going to have to check out the books now because everyone says they're so fantastic. It made me want to go the the Pacific Northwest!

I liked the movie but hated it when comparing it to the book. The book is better but the movie is good in its own ways. If you dont compare the to then they are both really well done.