Dyson DC 17 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC 17 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

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Awesome Vacuum!! I bought this vacuum for my mother and It works amazing. She has a cat and dog and it picks up soo much pet hair and it does not release any type of dander or dust in the air, usually I'm sneezing because of my allergies, but now this vacuum is the first thing I grab to alleviate my systems. If you have small kids or suffer with any respiratory ailments, this vacuum is definitely the way to go.

Dyson animal Vacuum works great on carpet and on hard floors. Would definitely recommend this vacuum.

You need one The best vacuum out there. Can't beat the suction power!

Even my husband loves to vacuum using it. We have this vacuum at our vacation home. Bought one that cost more for the house and now I may trade the two because this is the best and easiest to use vacuum. Even my husband loves to vacuum using it.

Clean your slab good....at first! Love my Animal! But do know that the suction at first is fantastic! Like clean your original slab through your carpet good! But alas, it doesn't keep that suction too long. Still good, just not great like it used to be! I've had 3. They've all performed exactly the same: fantastic and then good!

Great suction and easy to clean. I highly recommend this product.

very powerful vacuum, but expensive. Docking one star because there may be products that are also very effective and cost less

Great vaccum If you have pets especially more than one this is a vacuum that you need I have a Schnauzer who is 9 years old and two cats one who has extremely long fluffy hair I love this vacuum it has such great suction power and is so easy to clean it gets the job done on a holler highly recommend the Dyson DC

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum is worth the money! My boyfriend purchased this incredible vacuum for me a few months back. Once we arrived home, I had to put it to the test. I had vacuumed our bedroom early that day and wanted to see how much more was rooted in the carpet. After giving the carpet a good "once over," I was amazed at how much silt it picked up from deep down. We have two dogs that shed twice a year, and this vacuum picks up everything with ease. I use the brush attachment for window sills, baseboards, shutters, A/C filter intake, and cobwebs up high. This vacuum has replaced our older Cat/Dog vacuum by Dyson. We used it for four years, and this one is so much better.

Never again will I buy a Dyson I wanted a Dyson vacuum ever since I learned about them. For years I wanted one but it just seemed too much to spend on a vacuum. Then my dad was getting ready to retire. She bought one for me for my birthday and you'd have thought I won the lottery with how excited I was. For the few months it was the best vacuum I'd ever owned. I thought it certainly lived up to the hype. I have 4 kids and 3 cats. I quickly started realizing that the tube was WAYYY to small if I accidently vacuumed up a small LEGO it would clog, a shopkin? clog, a tiny piece of paper? clog. a dime? clog. It got to be that every other time I vacuumed I'd end up spending more time taking apart my vacuum to unclog the attachment tubing. I quickly learned every where to check for clogs and take it apart and put it back together. It was frustrating. I had a $60 Bissell vacuum that would suck up a sock and keep going! Literally, it happened one time. Then after about two years it just stopped working all together. I mean, it would turn on but it just wouldn't suck anything up at all. My dad was a letter carrier. He'd tell me he'd have to pick up people's Dyson all the time because they'd have to be sent back to the manufacturer to get fixed with some people not seeing their Dyson again for up to 2 months. I couldn't go two months without a vacuum with a family of 6! We finally decided to give it up for scrap. When I took to facebook to voice my frustration with my Dyson especially with how much it cost I had several friends tell me similar stories and they told me they'd never by a Dyson again. I'm in that club now.

Cleans well My husband bought me one of these a few Christmas's ago and I love it! (It actually was a great gift) It's lighter and has great power, picks up much more dust then my other vacuum did.

This Dyson is riding the middle for me. I was really impressed with this Dyson vacuum its has great suction and does a great job on my floors. With it being a bag-less container that is so easy to remove empty and replace and continue on without issue. My only issue is the design of the attachments. When I needed to clean ceiling fans, blinds, stairs, ect... extending the handle and using the attachment that is needed the job becomes awkward and clumsy. The vacuum becomes super easy to fall over and very uncomfortable to handle. So for the price I am going to say pass on this Dyson.

Loved until it broke We loved this vacuum for a while until the hose got slits in it rendering it useless and the vacuum got a horrendous smell when we would turn it on. We cleaned our filters and took care of the vacuum but for whatever reason it didn't last as longe as older models seem to. We replaced it with a newer ball model and that lasted for maybe a year and a half. Seems Dyson quality is going downhill, unfortunately.

Clean happy house I wish I'd found this sooner fantastic quality leaves the floors sparkling clean great for pet fur and cat dander would buy this again

I have used this vacuum and it picks up really well. I recommend this one if you want to pay a little more and have it last a long time. I say a little more, but I would compare this one to other similar quality brands.