PedEgg Pedicure Foot File

PedEgg Pedicure Foot File

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i love this product it makes my feet nice and soft


I love my ped egg. I have had this product for a long time. It works just as well now as when I first got it. I also love that it is so simple to use.

So, I got sucked in by a commercial. I bought one and I love it. Sometimes commercials are right.

This is a great product but you must put lotion on your feet after you use it. I use a really thick foot lotion. The product does work really well but you will need to use the product on a regular basis to make sure that the feet are maintained.

Love using this for my feet. It takes off all the dead skins on the bottle of my feet and also hard to reach area. After each use my feet feels so smooth and hydrating.

A scary looking product, but works. It keeps me out of the nail salon, which is cheaper, and probably more sanitary.

This is a fantastic product. I have always had issues with the bottom of my feet being dry and cracked. I use my Pedegg about every 2-3 weeks and I use Bath and Body Works Heel of Approval as well. Thanks to the Pedegg & Heel of Approval, I now have soft feet!!

Bought this and it was an odd shape but it worked. No need to go for pedicure anymore ans saves me money. It worked so well my mother wanted one too. So its practical and works.

I LOVE this thing! I hate to say it, but my feet do get really hard and dry on the heel and front inner pad areas. The ped-egg gets the skin off of there and then I just use a more gentle file to finish the areas. Be careful though - if you use it too long you can take too much skin off and your foot will really hurt until it heals. I haven't had that happen with the ped-egg because I already learned that lesson in the past with a tool I use to have that was very similar to the ped-egg. Plus, you can always go buy refills for it!

I love my Peg Egg. I have given them as gifts to all the girls in my family and my friends. Its such an amazing product. It works well and its much cheaper and more sanitary then having pedicures in a salon.

This is a great product to remove the rough skin on the bottom of your feet and heels. I'm on my second one as after several uses they seem to get dull. not a big deal for the price you pay for each.

I have tried numerous similar products, but this is by far the best! Definitely well worth the money!

Bye Bye dry cracked heels and feet. Ped-Egg has done wonders. At first I thought this was going to be another one of those as seen on TV gimics, but I am thrilled with it.

I love this little tool. It really works wonders on my dry feet. It can be a bit messy.