PedEgg Pedicure Foot File

PedEgg Pedicure Foot File

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It does get some of the dead skin off of your feet but not all the way. I wear flip flops all summer long and I guess this product isn't good enough for me. I didn't like it and will not use or purchase again.

There are a lot of products out there that work for getting rid of calluses. I'm not sure this is the best one, but it definitely works. For best results, I would make sure your feet have been soaked in a shower or bath and then use the product. It's definitely a great place for germs and grime to build up so make sure you clean and sanitize it if multiple people are using it. However, the ladies at the nail salon just use a cheese grater, and it works great too... But please buy a separate one than the one for your kitchen!!

The Ped Egg fits comfortably in your hand and truly works to get dead dry skin off your feet. My feet look and feel better after just a few uses.

Works great at getting all the dead skin off without the mess!

It's okay at first but the effectiveness seems to wear off after awhile of using it. I would rather just use a pumice stone instead.

i love this product it makes my feet nice and soft

It's my sister-in-law bought it for me.. The product works well to me. I use it for 3 yrs. After using it, my feet is smooth, but kind of dry.

Bought this and it's great! Not salon great but it works !

Bought this and it was an odd shape but it worked. No need to go for pedicure anymore ans saves me money. It worked so well my mother wanted one too. So its practical and works.

A scary looking product, but works. It keeps me out of the nail salon, which is cheaper, and probably more sanitary.

its a great product ive have mine for about 2 yrs now its def not salon worthy but if your in a rush and dont want nasty crusty feet then this does the job to have better looking feet

Love using this for my feet. It takes off all the dead skins on the bottle of my feet and also hard to reach area. After each use my feet feels so smooth and hydrating.

So, I got sucked in by a commercial. I bought one and I love it. Sometimes commercials are right.

I've used Ped Egg for two years now. It works. Not salon level but softens up the feet in between pedicures.

I tried this product and it didn't work very well. My mother loved it but wasn't the best for my feet! Would make them hurt, and did not make them smooth.