Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

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More than just your average cleaner sponge! Not only doe this work on your day to day household appliances, it does FANTASTIC work on the more simple things such as shoes, baseboards of your home and out door appliances! So easy to use and the result is outstanding.

Now you see it. Now you don't! These sponges are amazing! My only complaint is I didn't discover them years ago. These little white sponges work like magic on stubborn stains and grime. Just add a bit of water, and they can tackle scuff marks, crayon stains, soap scum, and even some hard water stains. Just keep in mind they're not suitable for all surfaces so good to do a little test spot first if not sure.

Magic eraser I absolutely love magic erasers when you need to get a tough stain out of something this is your go-to for sure

GOAT Best name for a product. It is truly magic, I keep one in the shower and rarely have to scrub my tub anymore since wiping it down with this baby after every use

Good cleaning power on so many things It always surprises me what it cleans up. The only issue I have is that I tend to scrub and my long nails seem to cause it to tear apart while I am using it.

Awesome I love the Mr. Clean erasers they have helped me with so with many cleaning jobs that nothing else would seem to get clean.

One of the best products. This is one of the best products on the market. Makes cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen easy and gets those scuff marks off the walls without taking the paint off.

Superior cleaning product! must have in homes These are the best in cleaning supplies! I of course just wished they lasted longer. They get the dirty jobs done fast and the impossible jobs gone.

The real magic The magic erasers are truly magic. All you do is get the eraser wet and scrub away! That's it. You supply the elbow grease and the eraser supplies the magic, even baked on grease comes right off.

Wow!! These are awesome! These magic erasers really are like magic! My friends and family have been telling me about these but I didn't believe them until I finally decided to try. I am always looking to save money so I tried the generic of them and they were terrible! They didnt work on anything and broke apart first use! I finally bought these and oh my goodness they're fantastic! I use them on everything from bathroom to kitchen and it helped get rid of marker and crayon marks that had been on the wall for a while! I use them to clean the sidewalls and skimmer basket that always get gross from body oils and such. These white rectangular shape erasers are truly magic!

Amazing product !! I love Mr. Clean erasers. They clean so well. I used them to clean crayon marks off my walls and they worked. This saved me so much time and money. I didn't have to go buy a bucket of paint.

Beautiful, Like new! Lifesaver for erasing children?s and accidental markings from the wall so beautifully!

Game Changer My go to cleaning tool that I keep in my cabinets. It cleans everything with ease.

awesome what a godsend this product is. my kids play sports so this comes in clutch

The magic rectangle! I thought I would only be using these to clean house, but boy was I wrong. They work amazing on getting those love bugs off of the car. If you havent tried these little rectangles of magic, I highly recommend them>