Stouffer's Lean Cuisine

Stouffer's Lean Cuisine

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Portions are small and food is pretty much always the same... Gross!

The Breakfast Panini's are horrible. Saw them for the first time at a far away WalMart Supercenter and after tasting one of them, they had no taste and were bland and used dried egg substitute for "scrambled eggs." Not worth the $2 or $3.

I'm always drawn in by the *NEW* flavors and beautiful pictures of what the meal would like like, but the flavors never seem very strong and the sodium content is sky high. I only purchase 1 or 2 a shopping trip just to keep on hand for those times I'm at a loss packing a lunch for work and just grab-and-go!

Pretty good but could have a better variety of the ones that actually taste good. Keep at it.

they are ok for what they are. there is not much food in them, and so many are pasta related. i want meat and vegies. "normal" american meat and plane vegies. not all these exotic spices.

Problem with the Lean Cuisine version is that still are not all that healthy. As a diabetic, I cannot eat most of them. May be lower in calories, but no lower in the other things such as sodium and carb content. I just eat yhr regular Stouffers meals and a smaller portion. .

Portions are small that how you lose wait because you stay hungry. Over priced. Not so tasty

These are so yummy! I have them for lunch everyday. I do wish they had less sodium but they have definitely helped me lose weight and keep on track.

I like Lean Cuisine for frozen meals they offer several that are good. My favorite is the garlic spring rolls I buy them when they are onsale. I try no to eat them often because off the high sodium content but sometime they are good to have for a quick easy lunch.

I think these are the best as far as frozen dinners go. These meals are tasty, affordable, quick & there is a large variety available for any craving.

I like lean cuisine products they taste good even though they are "diet" frozen food. They have a lot of varieties and I buy them all the time. The only downside is that they don't contain a lot of food so don't expect to get filled up on them.

Good for dieting but find the portion is small. I would like to see them make it a bit larger in portion so I do not grab a roll with butter. Taste is good :)

the chicken artichoke panini is my favorite! good flavor and easy lunch for work

These are quite tasty, and really help with portion control if you are trying to lose weight.

love these!!! they all taste great. wish they has less salt but love the quick lunches at work i can have.