Coca Cola Diet Coke Plus

Coca Cola Diet Coke Plus

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We actually really liked the diet coke plus...but now can no longer find it. Which makes us sad :(

This tastes way better than normal diet coke! I love it!

Like others have said it has an after tast . I will go for the diet coke only. also it is the only drink that helps me when I have the dry heaves from the same thins and others , still 16 years after my baby waas born.

I love diet coke plus - used to get it at Target.

This is the reason I started to drink Diet Coke. I enjoy the taste but I cannot find in in the Nashville area . I drink regular Coke or Coke Zero, which is very good too.

My husband drinks Diet Coke so I got him Diet Coke Plus and he did not notice till I said something. he loved it and so did I.

i think it is pretty good. it wouldnt be my first choice of a drink but i wouldnt be bothered if it was the only cold soda to grab.

Good taste.

love it, great taste for a diet pop

its pretty good .. i like the taste of coke .. this is a lill diff but try it once and see

I love all cokes product's especial this.

If Diet Coke is worse than coke , I wonder if this is worse too. I may need to try it , and see if its good for you or not.

i tryed this when it came out and it made me sick like mineral water always does ( but not soda) but i have and iffy tummy, flavor wasn't bad i didn't hate it.,,,, just wasn't something i could drink

I don't think this product is still available in Chicago. However, I did try it. It was OK but I prefer cherry coke zero as a diet Coke product.

I hated it. At first it tasted like Diet Coke which I love drinking, but very quickly the aftertaste hit me and I gagged. I am quite happy continuing to take my vitamins and drink my soda and do not plan again to have them at the same time.