Coca Cola Diet Coke Plus

Coca Cola Diet Coke Plus

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Did not like the taste of this soda, nor did I like the aftertaste. Taste like medicine.

I am not a fan of diet coke. Just my opinion and this one seemed just as bad....

Haven't heard of this one. Would have liked to have tried it, I am a Diet Coke fan. I haven't even seen this on the grocery shelves either?

This started out tasting just like regular diet coke. It had a bitter after taste. I didn't finish the bottle and was slightly nauseous afterward

Diet coke is nasty, Diet coke plus, even worse. It was like they tried to improve a turd.

This tasted like medicine, and you couldn't even taste the cola. I'd give it less than 1 star if I could. Also very over priced!

I am a Coke 0 fan always. I am diabetic so I have tried almost every sugar free drink out there. Including this one. I do not like the after taste of this soft drink, Coke 0 has no after taste. It is my go to drink.

I didn't like it all. After taste is awful and I consider myself a Diet Coke expert! LOL

i tryed this when it came out and it made me sick like mineral water always does ( but not soda) but i have and iffy tummy, flavor wasn't bad i didn't hate it.,,,, just wasn't something i could drink

I don't think this product is still available in Chicago. However, I did try it. It was OK but I prefer cherry coke zero as a diet Coke product.

I hated it. At first it tasted like Diet Coke which I love drinking, but very quickly the aftertaste hit me and I gagged. I am quite happy continuing to take my vitamins and drink my soda and do not plan again to have them at the same time.

Okay, what happened to Coke, these are awful. We took a couple of drinks and that was enough.

The taste was slightly off but it taste better than regular diet coke.

I love all cokes product's especial this.

If Diet Coke is worse than coke , I wonder if this is worse too. I may need to try it , and see if its good for you or not.