Halo Top Ice Cream

Halo Top Ice Cream

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Good idea, bad follow through Love the idea of low calories but this stuff tastes terrible, flavorless and bland and with a nice chemical aftertaste. Way too expensive for a blah product.

High expectations, low satisfaction I've heard great things about Halo Tops from my friends over the years and built up the expectation for it. So one day, I decided to finally try it out. Although I am a picky eater, I consider myself pretty generous when eating ice cream. However, I had to give my ice cream away to a friend after one bite. The initial taste was okay but there was a gross artificial after taste that lingered in the mouth. If you are looking for a quality ice cream, I would go with another brand because Halo Top does not taste anything close to being natural nor high quality.

Not a fan I'm not a fan of Halo Top; I prefer a rich & creamy ice cream. Halo Top tastes dry & icy, IMHO. I'd rather eat a smaller portion & enjoy it more.

Just buy regular ice cream I tried the chocolate flavor and the cookie dough flavor and I did not like either one. It was very hard and could not get a spoon in it. I had to wait a lot longer than any other ice cream to soften, and it was still hard and had to wait more. When I could finally eat it it didn't taste good. It was more like a sherbet than like ice cream or even frozen yogurt. They also cost more than regular ice cream and I disliked it so much that after a couple of bites of each I through them both away.

Where are the yummy toppings? I bought Halo Top Ice Cream at my local Shop Rite. I tried the S'mores variety. While the ice cream tasted nice,there were no chocolate chips or graham crunch pieces like it stated in the list of ingredients. I guess I got an odd pint out of the bunch. Was really disappointing.

Halo top experience Birthday cake is pretty good. Green Tea Mochi is AWFUL! Nothing like green tea, very perfumy. I wish it was less sweet, but that's my taste preference.

Not too bad but not so great Me and my fiance both tried the peanut butter cup flavor a few months ago. The texture is nice (kind of like melted ice cream and gelato) but my first impression after tasting it was that it was way too sweet. After a while it left this weird coating and taste in our mouths but we did finish the whole pint. Maybe we'll try other flavors but it's not our favorite.

Halo Top's halo is slightly askew I really enjoyed Halo Top the first few times I ate it (by the pint, of course!), but my taste buds must have changed, because now it just doesn't taste that good to me...maybe too sweet and overflavored? But its texture is a great imitator of ice cream's, and the protein content is a bonus!

Halo was very hit and miss for me. I think it really depends on the flavor and your taste preferences.

Some are good, some are not I really like Halo Top ice cream, but... some flavors are just hit amd miss. Some flavors or spot on, while others flavors taste awful. Some flavors don't match their names. The cinnamon roll one is amazing, but it should have been called snickerdoodle cookie dough. Chocolate covered banana, tasted nothing like a chocolate covered banana. Pancakes & Waffles, was alright but had an odd taste. The Oatmeal cookie one was good! And i liked the Peanut Butter and Jelly one too. I feel like this ice cream is also a little on the pricey side for what you get.

Does not taste like low calorie ice cream! I tried the chocolate version. It was creamy and flavorful.

Ehhhh. I had the Cookie Dough Halo Top Ice cream and I can't say I would purchase it again. First off, there were hardly any cookie dough pieces per bite and the ones that were there, were so tiny that they barely enhanced the taste of the bite so I wish they were bigger. I thought the taste of the actual ice cream tasted a bit sour. I did not love this ice cream. I finished the pint, but with haste and mostly because it was a bit pricey for me to not love, to top everything off.

Lite Ice Cream that Tastes Like it I tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter. It was okay, but the flavor was a bit bland and the consistency not creamy.

Texture is a little off Great concept but the texture takes a little getting used to if you can actually get past it, unfortunately I can't, I tried the oatmeal cookie and it tasted pretty good.

Keep in mind I've only tried the mint chip. I suspect this might be one of those products where you can't be looking for a substitute to enjoy it. You have to be able to appreciate it in its own right. I was looking for a substitute for ice cream, so was out of luck. This doesn't taste bad, really. It just doesn't taste like ice cream. The sweetness level is just right and it doesn't taste artificial. The texture is rather peculiar though. It's like if someone decided to make a frozen treat out of cottage cheese. If you don't care for the creamy texture of ice cream and yogurt, the Halo Top might be just what you're looking for. I like the creamy texture of ice cream and yogurt, so this was not really for me. Maybe I'll give it another chance though, and try out a different flavor for comparison's sake.