Halo Top Ice Cream

Halo Top Ice Cream

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Best invention ever You have to let it soften and a lot of the flavors are a bit same-ish tasting. That being said... You can freaking eat a whole point for under 400 calories. So, yeah, it's amazing

Mint Chocolate Chip Halo Top Ice Cream is one of my favorite ice creams mint chocolate chip and vanilla are my top 2 favorites. With under 400 calories a pint,how could you go wrong with picking this sweet treat. You can't go wrong with any flavor you pick.

I recently decided to try Halo and let me tell you it's the best ice cream you can buy if you're trying to lose weight or maintain. I don't feel guilty for eating Halo because it's not like other ice creams.

Delicious This is the best ice cream I've ever been introduced to, it's delicious and I can eat an entire pint without going over my calories for the day.

Full of Flavor Love Halo Top to treat myself all year long: summer weather not needed! It's smooth and creamy, and most like the full calorie/full fat ice cream of my childhood that I've found. Definitely full of flavor, which others are lacking! While a bit pricey, it's a good treat and only a few spoonfuls satisfy!

Yummy I wouldn't say that this is the most creamy ice cream I have ever had. However, when you are on a weight loss journey and still want treats here and there this is the perfect ice cream. I absolutely love the flavors that I have had so far and plan to try even more. I can't wait for Halo Top to expand their line.

I scream T1d REALLY SCREAM FOR THIS ICE CREAM This ice cream is T1d safe it has lower carbs an higher protein an will not raise the blood sugar fast the taste an flavors are out of this world I also enjoy the fact that you can find halo at almost all retail store an it is always price around the same

Yunny! I love Halo Top ice cream! It is delicious and so many flavors to choose from!! I highly recommend it!

Rich & creamy Halo Top Ice Cream is so rich & creamy. I just had the pleasure of tasting the Chocolate Chip. It was really amazing & delicious and I enjoyed every bit of the lucious chocolate. I'm honestly hooked and would recommend it to everyone.

Awesome! One of the few good low calorie ice creams I've tried. Most of the flavors are really good. Steer clear of the chocolate banana, but the pancakes and waffles is my go-to.

Halo my diet I love this ice cream, pick it up at my local store, many varieties and did not hurt your wait line

Helpful for calorie-counters! I think Halo Top is a wonderful invention. It's an awesome frozen treat, without the calorie damage of "real" ice cream. I have liked all the flavors I've tried so far.

Halo for your waistline! Halo Top ice cream is the bomb! It's so creamy and satisfying without all the calories of regular ice cream. The peanut butter cup is amazing, with bits of chewy peanut butter. Other flavor a like mint chip, lemon cake, and vanilla are so refreshing and light. Highly recommended if your trying to watch calories.

Delicious, Smooth, and Guilt-free I am a huge fan of this ice cream! I love how smooth it is and I never feel bad for having a tasty treat like this! I honestly could eat every flavor that I have tried all the time!!!

Hello Halo! Halo top is simpky Delicious. I had candy bar, I've had chocolate, I've had vanilla bean, and all of them are delicious. You would never know they were such little calories. Taste just like ice cream. I would definitely recommend them.