Zebra Pen F-301 Ballpoint Pen

Zebra Pen F-301 Ballpoint Pen

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Smooth Writint Love the way the pen writes. The flow is continuous and smooth. I wish however that it were bigger around. Some of us with carpal tunnel find it hard to grip a slim pen. It does come in handy to keep track of goals and achievements though.

The Zebra F-301 pen is a lightweight semi-stainless ball point pen. The knurled plastic grip makes it easier to hold and it even has a clip. It's a good step up from a Bic.

It's alright. This pen isn't exactly one of my favorites. I found it to be too slim, so it didn't feel good in my hand. I like pens with a small point, but this one was too small for me, and the way it writes reminds me of a gel pen. It's just not my favorite.

Nothing too special It's an alright pen. Nothing very special about it. I prefer pens with more of an ink flow going on- I feel like this makes my writing look quite faint.

Writes Smooth It works great and writes smooth. The only reason I have 4 instead of 5 stars is because I prefer a thicker or bolder writing pen.

A good pen to have A nice sleek pen to have. I like to carry a pen in my smaller cross body bag and this one fits great and is not bulky. It writes smoothly. I really dislike gel pens or sharpie like pens and this one is not like that.

Sylish Sleek Pen I really like how smooth the Zebra pen writes. It is a sleek design, slim enough to fit in my purse and very stylish, for a pen.

This is a pretty good pen. A little thinner then I'm used to but it writes pretty well. I like the sleek design design that adds a nice style! And it writes nicely on paper and doesn't smudge like some pens do. All in all I like this zebra ballpoint pen!

Smooth Zebra Ballpoint Pen I really enjoyed the Zebra pen and loved the way the ballpoint writes. It is very smooth and easy to grip.

Sleek and Smooth This pen writes very smoothly and its really pretty and sleek looking. It's become my go to pen for writing in my daily planner as it is clean and doesn't leave globs and glides easily across the page. It looks professional too. It also looks really expensive and pricey even though it's not and the quality is right up there with other more expensive pens. As someone who uses a lot of pens I notice the little differences and one of my pet peeves is when the ink doesn't flow smoothly but with this pen it does and it really makes writing enjoyable.

Loved the Zebra pen Very nice pen. I loved how it was so smooth when writing and the design was very nice. I would definitely recommend this pen to others.

This pen writes super smoothly with minimal skipping. I would definitely keep it in my purse or at my desk for every day use.

Nice comfortable pen This pen is very lightweight, thin and comfortable while writing. Nice pen.

Slim and light Slim, light, and writes so smoothly. The Zebra pen also fits perfectly in my planner without making it bulky. It's a great pen.

Great for work This pen is a stylish elegant pen that looks nice when writing. It feels heavy and premium. I prefer a little bigger of a line, so that's why I gave it 4 stars.