Zebra Pen F-301 Ballpoint Pen

Zebra Pen F-301 Ballpoint Pen

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Awesome pen I have tried several brands of pens, but this is know my favorite pen i own. I love how smoothly it writes and it does not hurt my fingers at all. It is very comfortable to hold and it also very stylish. I am thankful I had the opportunity to try this pen out.

A wonderful pen I love this pen. The ink glides smoothly allowing for nice penmanship. The grip is textured allowing it to sit firmly in your hand as you write, and it is small enough to be toted around easily. I will say for my writing style I would like the barrel to be larger, but its not much of a draw back.

Swift sleight of hand It was a cinch to sit and write out my goals with this comfy gripped, flowing like water ink pen. I've never written a note so smoothly. It make writing quicker, more enjoyable and handwriting more legible or fancy, whichever one prefers. Zebra is my pen of choice now.

Love The Zebra Pen! This was my first time trying a Zebra Pen! I absolutely love it. I love how lightweight it was and how awesome the ink writes. It was smooth and never smudged at all. I love writing on sticky notes with this pen for daily reminders of my goals! I would recommend everyone give this pen a try out

Definitely Will Continue Buying I love this pen! It writes so smooth and is very lightweight. My favorite part is how clean it writes. No smudge or random ink blotches like some brands. Plus it fits in the ring of my planner perfectly!

My go to pen. This has easily become my 'go to' pen. It is very lightweight with a very smooth glide between letters with no smudging or ink blots like some other pens I have used. I like that it is slim, but not so much that it makes it awkward while writing, and the metal look makes it perfect for your home or office.

I really like the Zebra line of pens. This pen came in really handy to use for my goals and sticky note reminders.

Highly recommended Zebra Pen! I enjoyed writing my goals and notes with this nice Zebra pen! It writes very smooth without leaving any smudges and it glides nicely across the paper. It's sleek enough to carry in the smallest places. It doesn't weight much. I like the nice design of this pen, it looks professional and the quality is wonderful! This pen has a nice comfortable grip without making my hands or fingers sore and it comes with a clip so that I can clip it to my shirt pocket or planner without losing it. The price is more than affordable and I'm planning on buying more for future use! I can't say enough great things about this wonderful Zebra pen! I absolutely love writing with this pen and I highly recommend it!

My new favorite pen! I like to write, a lot. In the age of all these high tech gadgets, I still prefer to write everything down on paper. My grocery list, to do lists, thoughts, goals, plans, & everything in between, gets written down with a simple pen & paper. That being said, I can be a bit particular about my pens. I strongly dislike pens that leave ink blotches all over the paper, and pens with ink that takes forever to dry & smudges. This Zebra pen is neither of those! It has a perfectly smooth flow, & doesn't leave blobs of ink as you're writing! It writes very cleanly, with ink that dries quickly & doesn't smudge! I prefer a thinner ballpoint, & I love the thickness of this one. It's not super thick, & not too thin, it's just right! The pen itself is very stylish, and comfortable to hold. For those who like larger pens, however, may find this one a bit on the small side. It is quite petite & thin, but that's just the way I like it! I will definitely be purchasing more of these Zebra F-301 Ballpoint Pens in the future! I received this product for free as part of the SheSpeaks #GoalForIt Unboxed

Great Quality Pen Zebra is by far my favorite brand of Pens. They are excellent quality and last quite a long time. They are a little bit thinner than most pens and have a nice grip. I love to write and this was pretty much the only style of pen I used all throughout college and still continue to use to this day. I never experienced any issues with leaking or the ink smearing. I even loved how nice the pen just flows and the ball doesn't get stuck causing you to have to right over what you have just written. By far a great pen that I highly recommend giving it a try.

Smooth writer! I've always loved the Zebra Brand. This pen reminded me why I love them so much. This pen is a super smooth writer and my left handed daughter used it without smudging. They also last long so I feel as though I get my money worth every time I buy them.

I love my Zebra pen! I love this Zebra pen because it writes smoothly, the ink doesn't smear ( i'm left-handed), the line is just fine and it's really dark. I highly recommend this pen!

AWESOME PEN!!! I absolutely love zebra ball point pens! Every pen I use always breaks, and this one is an exception!!! LOVE, LOVE LOVE!!!!

No dragging on paper Love this pen! It writes very easily without snagging like some pens do. Wish it was a bit of a wider ballpoint and will probably go see if they actually do have one.

I am pretty picky about pens. I love writing with a good pen. This Zebra black ink pen is a fine point pen. It has a durable stainless steel "housing" with a finger grip at the bottom. On the back it has the metal clip for securing to papers or in a shirt. It writes smoothly. I love how it works. Glad to know you can purchase a refill "F-refill" when your ink runs out. Comes with a guarantee for performance.