Pillsbury Pie Crusts

Pillsbury Pie Crusts

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Great pie crusts without all the work. They are so much better than the frozen crusts in the store.

Follow the directions! When it says sit out for 10-15, they mean it! I've ripped so many crusts because I was impatient. It bakes flaky, and is so much quicker and easier than making your own.

This is my go to pre-made pie crust for chicken pot pie & coconut custard pie. One of the best tasting, pre-made crust

Good for Pre-Made Doesn't hold a candle to crust made from scratch but it is the best pre-made crust that I have tried. Bakes well without the edges burning.

Tasty The best pie crust to grab, of you don't have time to make your own!

Luckily I know how to make my own pie crusts BUT there are times when I simply don't have time to make home made. That's when I reach for Pillsbury. I use these pie crusts to make quiche which I can whip up sooo easy with the help of Pillsbury. I've been thinking of checking on Pinterest to see what other ides people have come up with to use them...

I've used this pie crust for years. Always bakes perfectly and taste great! Can be slightly pricey and rarely has a good coupon! Glad I've learned to make my own.

Great when you don't have time to make your own pie crust. It does not taste as buttery and good as homemade but not everyone has time to make fresh pie crust. Also good for pot pies!

Das good!

I have always used frozen pie crusts when baking pies until recently when I had a coupon to purchase Pillsbury Pie Crusts. I am so glad I did because these turned out to be far superior than any frozen crust I have ever tried. The pie crust come in a pack of 2 and I found them in the refrigerator section where they keep the cookie dough packs. They are very easy to use. Each pie round is wrapped in waxed paper to keep them separated. You simply unwrap a single piece and then lay it into your pie pan. One piece easily fits a 9 inch pie pan. All I had to do was pull the sides up a bit and then it was ready for the filing. The crust is on the thinner side and comes out flaky so the pie is not overpowered with crust. It has a very nice texture and almost tastes homemade. Kept in the refrigerator you can store the other crust for at least a month. If you are looking for a thinner, flaky, buttery crust with a homemade flavor then this is a crust you really should try.

Easy to use in love the taste of the buttery pie crust on a yummy cherry pie

quick pie crust This is so handy for a quick pie crust. It comes out flaky and buttery.

I love this pie crust in a pinch!! I use this in place of homemade pie crust! I especially love it with chicken pot pie!

MUST BUY! OMG! this pie crust is incredible. I think that is honestly all that needs to be said, other than the fact that it is so freaking easy to use. You just open up the package and unroll the dough. that's all.

Love these pie crusts This is the only store-bought pie crusts for me. I've made dozens of hand pies, pies, and even chicken pot pies and they?re always fantastic.