Maybelline Volum'Express The Mega Plush Mascara

Maybelline Volum'Express The Mega Plush Mascara

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If you want volume you're better off using Falsies or Lots of Lashes because their brushes are just as good and the mascara comes on better. This new Mega Plush makes a a big deal about their brush being flexible and the mascara being gel mouse, well that's all fine and good, but it barely shows up on my lashes! I had to use several coats for it to even look like somewhat "volume" and even then I was probably better off using Vaseline on my lashes! I returned this and don't plan on ever purchasing it again.

I was initially attracted to this mascara because I loved the huge bristles on it,flexible wand and gel mousse formula. I liked the formula but because the wand was flexible I couldn't get any product on my lashes. If you applied pressure I just ended up getting mascara all over my face. I will not be repurchasing. If you are looking for a product that will tint your eyelashes a different color and do nothing else than this is for you.

I definitely was not a fan of this mascara. I had to apply several layers to get it to show up, which is darn tricky with the flexible brush. Throughout the day my eyelashes seemed to clump together.

NO, just no. I was super excited by the idea of a "gel" mascara...not really sure why but it appealed to me. I was very disappointed. Super runny and wet, does nothing for length or volume and seems to weight my lashes down. Also the brush is super flimsy and wiggles around the whole time you try to apply it.

I was actually given this as a gift basket and I was far from excited about this product. The packaging is bulky, not sleek and slim like the Avon and Mary Kay brands I've used in the past. It reminded me of those fat crayons you get in kindergarten. The brush was too flexible and the formula gel, well it smelled awful and it was brand new! The gel clumped, my eye lashes wouldn't curl after applying and it didn't make my eye lashes look fuller, it made them look clumped together like some freakish doll. I went from having nice normal lashes to franken-lash. Not cool, in fact it was gross. I applied two coats and threw the rest away. I was NOT pleased.

This mascara didn't do much for me, clumpy, flakes, and overall doesn't feel great or look flattering.

Wish I could like this but I don't. It is just really average and really isn't anything special. :/

I have mix feelings with this mascara. This mascara is ok but not the best. I do like that it doesn't flake, clump and lashes are soft to touch. Other than this thats all the positive I have to say for this mascara. This mascara has cons in my opinion.

I thought it would be interesting to try this brush, because it would bend to cover all lashes. Wrong. A better choice is a non bending, firm wand hatstands up against ur lashes and pushes them upwards. When combing this through your lashes, it just beds backwards and fails to coat and run through every lash. Didn't define or add anything to the look of my lashes. Likes the gel-like formula though, but couldn't deal with that wand!

I like it but it's nothing compared to the falsies. The stick is horrible you have almost no control of it.

I saw this in a magazine and thought the brush part looked quite promising.It says "won't flake" too.Well they lied.My lashes are long to begin with and every time I applied this mascara I ended up with little black dots where my lashes touch my skin after applying the mascara.And it FLAKES something awlful. If you an unintentional smudged,ring around the eye and black flakes on your face, this is the best mascara to do the job.

i love love love maybelline mascaras and have been using the falsies by maybelline for more than a year and no matter what mascara i use i always go back to it, but since i had such high expectations for maybelline mascaras i desided to try the mega plush mascara. it does not give you volume at all, it is good thought for making your eyelashes look longer and softer, but that's not what i was buying it for so it's not in my interest.

I do not understand why maybelline cannot make mascara that stays fresh in the tube for more than two weeks. It begins to flake just like all the others. I think by now with how far technology has come they would be capable of developing a lasting and easily gliding, easily removable hypoallergenic mascara. I have been buying the new mascaras that have came out throughout the years.

This mascara is a little too subtle for my liking. I feel like it gives a natural look but definitely not enough "oomph". I still prefer L'Oreal voluminous in blackest black. One the plus side it doesn't leave lashes as stiff as most mascara but the results are just OK.

I found that you have to work at this product to get the look you want. I also used waterproof. It doesn't exactly do what it says it will, but I do like it somewhat.