Sudafed Non-Drowsy PE Nasal Decongestant

Sudafed Non-Drowsy PE Nasal Decongestant

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SUDAFED PE is one of the most effective ways to unplug your nose. I use it in combination with nasal spray such as anefrin for the first one day because it needs some time to take over. Once it starts working you just keep on taking the pill once per every 4 hours. It works great for people that do not like to use nasal sprays too often. The only danger is that at one point you still can have the cold, but you think that you are healed since most of the cold symptoms are be gone. So stay home and drink your tea as the doctor recommends or you will get even sicker:)

This stuff clears up symptoms without making you fall asleep. I still prefer Dayquil, but this comes in at a close second and is a bit cheaper. My husband actually prefers this brand and insists that I buy it every time he gets sick!

This is my first choice for sinus issues. It's non drowsy so I don't feel tired all day. It works fast and lasts long. It clears up my sinus headaches as well as unstuffs my nose.

Excellent product for clearing up head congestion. I take Sudafed when I have anything from ear aches to head colds and it always works really well for me. The best part is that it's non-drowsy which is pretty unusual for the product category. I recommend Sudafed to anyone who's looking for a little cold relief.

Best Decongestant Sudafed PE is the only decongestant my husband and I use. It works fast, and helps you get through the day. The best decongestants I have taken.

Perfect for clearing a cold I always start taking this when I begin to get cold symptoms. Helps clear it all up before it worsens, and no drowsiness.

have no complaints works well

Not bad This is good, the stuff over the counter is better. But if your looking for something cheap and works decent then this is good.

This is a below average product, and necessarily so due to the type of decongestant included. It's the phenylephrine, which is a short-acting decongestant that is allowed sold over the counter. While it works, you'll find yourself snuffling within a short time after taking it, and it doesn't work as well as real psuedoephedrine, either. Even though you must ask at the Pharmacy counter and show your I.D., do it. It's worth it to get a product that works well. This one is just barely acceptable.

doesnt seem to work for me?... i've taken the pills and my nose would still be stuffed and yucky. i think that only "real" sudafed works for me... too bad u cant buy it cover the counter as easily as before thansk to all the meth heads :-/

REALLY dislike this product. When I saw my doctor he said he believed PE stood for poorly effective. If you really need something I believe there are other Sudafed products that work much better. Do not be afraid to go to the pharmacist and ask for the real thing. It's almost like a mirage. You ask yourself, "wait a second, what happened? This product used to work every time." You soon realize that due to the government and what sudafed can be turned into that you now have to show your ID. There is a limit to the amount you can per transaction and they do take your ID, but it is worth feeling better and getting that gunk out of your body.