Dr. Seuss Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Dr. Seuss Oh, The Places You'll Go!

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It was just another book when I was little, but it now has a different meaning for me. My nephews kindergarten teacher gave it to him when he graduated and its been special ever since. Looking forward to do this with my children

Love Dr. Seuss My family loves Dr. Seuss books they help my dyslexic son feel like he can read right along with his older brother and sister.

I love this book, it is one of my many favorite Dr. Seuss titles. However, it goes further than just a book. My son is 2 and I have started asking his teachers, daycare as of now, to write something to him and will do so through high school and when he graduates I will present him with the book so that he may see how he has changed over the years and the impact he made.

Received this book for my high school,graduation from my Mom with messages from family & friends written through it. I now like to pass that gift on to others.

My daughter loves this book also. She has a whole collection of Dr. Seuss.

another great book by dr seuss

This is my favorite "go to" book for graduates. This book signed from you to the graduate with the year and slip in some money makes the perfect gift! You can't go wrong with the witty rhymes from Dr. Seuss!

Such a great gift for a child as well as a graduate! Great advice for young and old!!

Love this book but I think for our 3 year old, it is just a tad bit long and hard to understand some of the big, harder vocab words. Now my son likes to memorize the words to his books so that is why he gets turned off fast with it but he still loves the different places the go throughout the book. I think it will be a 5 star book for when he is around 5 yrs old.

As an adult, I don't find these books amusing at all. My 3 yr. old nephew loves all Dr. Suess books though. He brings them to me to read over and over.

Another great book from Dr.Suess.....its hard to decide which is the best

Great book One of my favorite child hood stories because of the hidden message that we can go and be anything in like we want.

My kids LOVE this book. I also have one for each of them I have their Teachers sign at the end of the year and will give to them after they graduate his school!

Perfect graduation gift. People think I'm strange but is one of the best gifts for a high school graduate. It just seems to describe how parents feel and what we believe for our kids as the graduate and move on to another part of their life.

Good product I absolutely loved this book as a child and I will definitely read it to my kids.