Hess Toy Trucks

Hess Toy Trucks

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Passing them down.... My fiance gets one every year from his mother and has a HUGE collection of them. Our son is now 2 years old and they play together now with them. While some collectors would freak out, he looks at it as a wonderful memories they will have together forever even long after he is gone.

My son (6yrs.old) got it this morning & wanted to tell all about it: He put the front loader on our 1/2 wall going up the stairs & it actually went up. At the 1/2 way point turned it off & it didn't fall down, it stayed in position. He thought it was cool going up such a steep slope. The flexible conveyor belt comes off. With it off only the front wheels turn. On the 2013 scooper, the front scooper is a little smaller than the 2008. The back scooper's arm goes side to side. The back scooper itself turns 360. Overall he has had a great day playing with it. He says "It's really fun to play with".

This is a gift to give anybody. It will find a friend. Give them to your daughters also.

My son has been getting these since he was able to play with them, and he absolutely loves them! Every year he is always asking for more and more hess trucks.

Will keep my nephew entertained for hours

These are great! My brother gets these every Christmas for my son and nephews. The kids love them. They are very interactive.

We get the new version of this truck every year and my kids both love them every time. There is just something about the lights, the noises and what they do - it is one of the toys my kids come back to and play with again and again.