Bright Starts Tug Tunes - Pig

Bright Starts Tug Tunes - Pig

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Loved this! Great on car rides! Cute and noises do not get annoying like most other noisy toys.

I don't have this exact one but I have others. My baby loves these and is just string to really play with them. They are so brightly colored and fun shaped that she's always loved stating at them. Decently priced and able to clip on and remove and use anywhere such as car seat, stroller, bouncer and anywhere you can think of

Smaller baby cant pull on it to play music but overall cute!

We LOVED this pig....while it worked! The tunes are very cool, reminiscent of 80's genre so dad and mom loved to groove to it as well as baby! We hung it from the baby's stroller and car seat and she'd tug at it and make the music start on her own from only a few months old! We were all bummed when the music stopped working after about 4 months. I suppose for the price $6.99 it's not a bad price for something that works for only a few "FUN FILLED" months!

I got one of these for my daughter to play with while she was in her car seat or stroller, and I love that I can attach and reattach it to just about whatever I want... but sadly it isn't the type of things that my baby wants to pull on. It isn't very easy for a small baby to pull, and if I pull it she enjoys the (short) amount of noise and then I have to keep pulling it to keep her from fussing. I got rid of it because I bought it to entertain my colicky baby when I couldn't do it and I ended up having to work it anyways!

this is a cute soft toy, but very hard for a child to pull it. i don't like that i have to be the one pulling on it to keep him busy.