CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

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CeraVe moisturizing cream is wonderful for dry skin. It was recommended by my dermotologist when I had a rash. This product not only cleared up my rash but gave me soft, moist skin. I use it every day.

I have acne prone skin and this moisturizer worked great for me and did not break me out. I have, like other acne sufferers, tried almost every product on the market and this is one of the few products that worked for my skin. If you haven't yet, do give this a try! My mom uses this too so it is versatile for all age groups. Also there is so much product!!

This lotion has changed my skin. Can't say enough good things about it!!!

This is the best thing I've ever used for my excema!!! This product is so soothing, and relieves the itch. My skin feels soft and I no longer have to use my medicine cream.

This is the number One Moisturizing Cream for me. I found it through my Dermatologist. Seen him regarding another issue and also asked for a recommendation for moisturizing a dry area. He gave me several samples of CeraVe. Within a few days, a patch of dry skin was smooth and soft. I've purchased it ever since and highly recommend it.

Calms and Prevents Dry Skin Works very well on dry skin or even eczema. I get dry skin during winter so I use this after my shower and its gone. MY daughter suffer from eczema on her arms and legs. Been using this on her twice a day and her skin has completely improved. That jar last a pretty long time as well. It also absorbs well and when I uses it on my hands. After washing them my hands still don't get dry or cracked.

Hands Down My All Time GoTo..the search is over! I am 56 years old so when I tell you that Cerave is a high end product with a low end price, you can believe it.I review health and beauty products on a regular basis. I can honestly say that I have tried almost everything that you can buy at Target or Walmart. I can even say I have tried many high end creams as well. I have Lupus which effects my skin as well. I cannot go just ut anythng on my skin and have verified this for myself by the many mistakes I have had in the past in search of the best thing for me. The first thing I have to say about this product is the fact that it does have a light scent which I really appreciate. I cannot stand to put on a cream that is unscented and unscented does not guarantee you will not have a reaction. Many additives for scent to creams are actually from some pretty amazing ingredients that are like food to you skin. With that said, I need to let you know that this absorbs completely into your skin so well, that if you want to get dressed after puttin the cream on, you can! It will not make a difference. Now, the main point is this; It softens your skin! If you want to wear it on your face, you can and your makeup will not roll on you, meaning it will stay put!. I have not had not one break out of any kind from this cream and I have had no clogged pores at all. I like the consistency of this cream as well. The price is perfect and to be completely honest, if it cost more, I would pay more. I but more than one when Walgreen's does their bogo or buy one get one half off.My sister has skin lupus too and she will not use hardly anything on her fragile skin. I am currently trying to get her to give Cerave a chance. I have promised her she will use this forever! Nothing to fear, I also love the Cerave Soap. I use their soap with a sonic brush. Please try this yall, you will come back and say the same thing! I wash other creams off after trying them for an honest review just so I can go back to my Cerave !#AmberAngelsUniqueBoutique

Winter Skin Savior This product saved my face this winter. I have combination skin that usually is just oily in the T-zone, but once it starts getting cold out my skin gets dry and flaky around my mouth and on my cheeks. It felt like nothing was working to keep the moisture in my skin, so I ran out to get this moisturizer at my mom's recommendation. In just 3 days my skin was looking back to normal, was no longer peeling or red, and super moisturized to boot! After it got me through that transition into winter, I only use it on my face occasionally now, but I apply it liberally to my arms and legs when they are feeling even remotely dry. It has a light scent which I appreciate and the tub lasts forever!!

Since starting tretinoin, this stuff has been amazing. The hype is real and the amount of people who have positive reviews about this stuff says it all. I love using this in the evening as the last step in my routine. It is great product for almost every skin type, including sensitive skin. I would call this the gold standard as far as moisturizers go. It's affordable and does it's job without any of the frills.

Good Product! I have bought one of these a few months ago. It works pretty well. It didn't harm my skin at all, totally recommend it!

THIS is what you need to HEAL cracking skin Every winter, my hands crack and bleed regardless of all the lotions and creams I use on them. Then I discovered Cerave moisturizing cream. This stuff worked wonders for me. For the past two winters, I have used it and am delighted with my results. I use it every night at bedtime, and on the really harsh days I use it after every hand washing. It never stings or burns, and it isn't greasy. It feels so calming, and a jar lasts a very long time. The best thing is that it isn't an especially expensive product. I also massage it into my nails and cuticles to keep them healthy and hydrated.

Yesss! The best! I love slathering this on freshly washed skin. Moisturized but not oily!

I love this stuff. I have eczema and this really keeps my skin hydrated. It doesn't help with the itching or anything, but it will keep your skin from getting too dry which can lead to itching. I wish they would make it paraben free though!