Five Guys Burgers and Fries Burgers and fries

Five Guys Burgers and Fries Burgers and fries

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five guys is a great tasting restaurant , however the prices are not that great. They make more money of off saleing everything individually and they know it, fir us we eat there once in a while but cant afford to go there very often. Even know the food os good there its still not as good as the money that Five Guys is making off their food.

I really don't like this place, the fries and the beef burger are to greasy....

Not a big fan of their burgers. Their fries tho are great. I love that they leave the skins on and cook them in peanut oil. i really do not go out of my way to go there.

Not for me! Total chaos in this establishment here. People standing every where? Employees were kind, pleasant and clean. I just don't care for so much noise while I eat. Food was not special? Over priced and still fattening fast food. I think we should down-size our portions and get more healthier food on the market. Especially for the younger generation.

Its a little pricey but their food is amazing. I just love their fries

Five Guys burgers taste good and the fries are always fresh. I only give a 3 star rating due to the value. I feel the burger is overpriced. I have a Five Guys close to where I live but I rarely go there. Lots of other choices around that are just as good or better for a better value.

I am not a beef eater but my family is. There really aren't any options here if you don't want a burger or grilled cheese. The burgers are really expensive and the fries are in a serving that 3 people can share them and very greasy. After saying all that my kids and husband LOVE the place as an occasional splurge.

It's okay for a burger joint, but a little too greasy for my liking!

way too greasy hubbie loves them

Very good!! I like that you can put as many toppings on for free (yeah probably in the price but you don't feel like your paying extra) but they give you way to many fries. Even sharing with two people you cant finish them and it always feels like a waste throwing them away. I also wish they offered onion rings and shakes to give a variety from fries and soda which is why I gave them a 4 instead of 5.

Really good food, kinda pricey though. A nice treat every once in awhle

Fresh, juicy, loaded burgers! The location near our home has the best customer service and food is always served with a smile :)

Burgers are a great quality. I like to order online and pick up-- the fries are made fresh when you arrive so they are pipping hot still. I recommend the online ordering if you have never been there before-- you have more time to think about what amazing toppings you want on your burger. I love the options they have. If you eat in the restaurant, there are peanuts there for you to enjoy while your meal cooks. Great idea!

I love Five Guys Burger, its delicious!! The burgers are a little expensive, but they are worth the price.

Best tasting hamburgers! The burgers are done right and so juicy! Love their fries and peanuts, lol.