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Win A $50 Gift Card To Shop For Your Teen At Five Below

on Sep 30, 2015: Well since I am not on twitter I will let you know what I would buy. I have purchased many great books at Five Below for my friends children who are preteens about their bodies and make up and things like that but I would buy them some cool nail polish and make up as well as the exercise equipment…

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Wanna Get Healthy? Ask Your Partner To Join You

on Sep 29, 2015: My husband has done a great job at remodeling the basement and turning one side into out workout room so we go down there daily and workout together even if it is only for 30 minutes. he also built up a playroom for the kids and they come out and workout with us or they play in their room together…

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Same-Sex Couples Share Household Chores in a More Balanced Way

on Sep 29, 2015: I think that many straight couples share chores in the way that they feel comfortable. I don't think gender roles are always a bad thing. we basically practice gender roles in my home but not on purpose and nothing negative comes from it. we pretty much do the typical traditional male female stuff…