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Walmart Walmart is convenient. You can pretty much by anything that you want while in the store. It saves someone from having to go to multiple stores. My main complaint is the company itself, I feel there are some ethical issues.

The best seasonal decor We love heading to Walmart to find all of the new items they put out, especially seasonal items! I do wish that they had better carts though. I always seem to have to try out a few before I find one that doesn't squeak and the wheels actually work!

Wonderful Walmart I love Walmart! All the low prices and great selections of everything. I love how friendly the staff is and how clean the store is all the time.

Customers mean less their bottom line more Walmart used to be a great store. But unfortunately like many of the large companies they only care about the money. Not the customer or their employees. They have raised their prices to the point that we can actually find items at Albertsons, Safeways, and Fred Meyer cheaper at times. We have even gone to stores like Walgreens, Dollar General, and Grocery Outlet for specific items we can get cheaper there. Our other issue with Walmart is many items have no prices. And they removed the scanners so unless you have their app you can't scan an item to see it's price. Employees are never around when you need them and when you do finally find one they are grumpy and rude about helping. I worked in retail for years so I understand the pressure of meeting your daily work goals. But their job is also to help the customers when they need it. Walmart has also started only carrying specific items. They stopped carrying brawny paper towels and now basically only carry bounty and their store brands. It's ridiculous honestly and has pushed us away from the store. We now only go their when we need something they carry that we need it asap. Unless they change we won't be shopping with them much longer.

Great store I love walmart. You can getanything there for fair prices. I especially like the clothing they have.

No customer service Walmart use to be the place to go. I didn't know anyone that did not use Walmart for all their needs. Walmart seems less customer oriented and more about the bottom line instead. Using the store you will be forced to ring up and bag your own products because if they even have a register open with a cashier then the line is so long that you have to have a lot of time available. Trying to bring back a product to the store you are treated as though they believe you stole it. Customer Service really sucks. Walmart use to be my favorite store but now I avoid it at all cost. I use Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and our local grocery store.

Produce is never fresh. Store is not clean and employees are rude

Smart Choice Best prices in the area and many choices. They employ people who might not be able to get a job. I think they need a change in culture to be a more positive experience for shoppers.

ONE STOP WONDER! So many hidden treasures can be found here! Anything from groceries to gardening, this store has everything .

Great Store! I literally live down the street from Walmart. I can't believe how affordable and convient it is! Everything is the lowest prices you can find. They have everything you can think of in Walmart. Groceries, trendy cloths and shoes, baby items, electronics, even toys! Come on you gotta have love for Walmart!

I am not a bug chain supporter over small business, but Walmart makes it hard with the prices and selection to say no. So Walmart is my best price option and likely products in stock which is how its earning its points in this review. Although I have had better service at Walmart's outside of my area, I am giving a 3 because both of those in my area that I have to deal with regularly, can't seem to answer the phone or provide any customer service what so ever. I've been hung up on or put on hold for 30+ to the point that I have driven there to get my answer only to find the phone ringing in the department I'm calling and employees standing around talking. I told them they could take the call before helping me, and what do you was me on that call. Terrible customer service, hands down that worst.

Always can find what you need or close to it Have to go far out to get a better selection of food and much cleaner store with items in stock periodically as we all know long lines and hardly got what you want but everything you didn't come for is in your cart.

serves a purpose but not great I think most everyone knows what Walmart is and have probably been to one. So I'm probably not going to write anything people don't already know but here goes. Pros: Products here are frequently cheaper here than other stores. They also have more variety than most stores - I can buy groceries, fabric, a bike, and a hammer all in one place. They hire people that maybe can't get jobs other places. Cons: the lighting and color scheme is awful and drab. My hands feel dirtier after shopping here. The isles are narrow, and untidy. The checkout lines are long. They have 10 checkout lanes but only have 3 open during peak shopping hours.

Discontinue items I used to love Walmart, but they seem to not carry items that I always bought anymore. Have to try & find those things some place else.

They have almost everything you need. It's a great store most the time.