Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup

Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup

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This is good syrup! It goes a long way with flavor. Sadly I was given the regular kind instead of sugar free! I'm sure this kind is just as good. I've tried other flavors of sugar free by them. good stuff :]

Yummy yummy

Great low cal flavor punch for any and everything. I love to add this to diet Sprite or 7Up!

If you live a sugar free lifestyle, this syrup can really be a lifesaver. It's great in coffee, tea, soda, cocktails, and baking. The vanilla flavor is clasic and not overpowering. Torani syrups can be a little hard to find locally, but if you shop online I recommend a site called They have an amazing selection and the shipping is cheap and fast. Here a link to their Torani syrups:

Great if u can't have sugar, less calories and great in coffee drinks!

The taste is nice, but it is so sweet that I would use it in smaller amounts (it is much sweeter than sugar).

This taste really great, and it being sugar free is great for diabetics.

Mom's diabetic, so this was in her winter care package.

I am unfortunate enough to have gestational diabetes during the holiday season and was so excited to see the different varieties of sugar free flavors! I used this in my decaf coffee several times and was pleased to find that even though I could tell it was sugar free, it didn't leave the gross aftertaste that many sugar free products do.

I have had Torani Syrups in my coffee drinks made when I'm out. But having Torani at home to create inexpensive drink at home is fabulous. Really love the sugar-free. Helps so much since my mother is diabetic. I have use the Sugar-free in my coffee and my diet soda. Just a little goes a long way.

I guess if you're diabetic and want to enjoy a flavored drink this would be the syrup to turn to for sure. But I'd be much more impressed if instead of Splenda it used Stevia.

I liked the vanilla flavor of this syrup (since I LOVE vanilla). However I could taste the splenda. I am not a fan of drinks without real sugar and this was no different. I do not drink any diet flavored sodas or teas. If you like the spenda taste you will love this, if not then stick to the regular flavors.

I like this in hot tea, and even poured over vanilla ice cream It makes everything taste even better! I am going to share some with my sugar free relatives and neighbors. This syrup can be used in many recipes and hot drinks, even ice tea. It will be one of those items on the grocery list now.

I made coffee for my diabetic mother using this syrup. She said she really liked the taste and was surprised I didn't put any sugar in it. I can't wait to try more flavors and make other beverages. Italian sodas sound awesome.

This is the best flavoring to add to coffee or tea! I loved adding it to my spiced Chai tea to give it a vanilla flavor without adding sugar!