Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup

Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup

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Yummy yummy

I found it too sweet for me. I still prefer just the plain Vanilla coffee. I must admit though that I do not generally sweeten my coffee. I am giving the bottle to my daughter to try and will post her comments after she uses it. One general comment that the bottle is a little too tall, just short of 12" in height. It does not fit easily into most of my cabinets. Torani needs to make the bottle either fatter and shorter or just make it in a smaller size.

I guess if you're diabetic and want to enjoy a flavored drink this would be the syrup to turn to for sure. But I'd be much more impressed if instead of Splenda it used Stevia.

I liked the vanilla flavor of this syrup (since I LOVE vanilla). However I could taste the splenda. I am not a fan of drinks without real sugar and this was no different. I do not drink any diet flavored sodas or teas. If you like the spenda taste you will love this, if not then stick to the regular flavors.

A very sweet and natural vanilla taste with just a hint of aftertaste. A little really goes a long way and I have enjoyed using it in hot tea and hope to include while cooking. Going to try a vanilla french toast with it!

I love anything vanilla and really enjoyed this syrup. This is a favorite to flavor my coffee although I would probably get the full sugar flavor in the future as I felt that the need to add extra sweetner to my drink. I added the syrup to a bowl of oatmeal and have found a new way to spice up my breakfast.

I am giving this 4 stars because while I am not normally a fan of sugar free products I really like this SF vanilla! It is really good and I am loving this in my coffee. I am counting it as healthy since I am not putting any sugar in my coffee when I add in the SF vanilla! Very yummy and in a couple of weeks I am looking to add this to the baking I am doing. A friend suggested adding it to a coke for a vanilla coke. I also checked out the Torani website and there are sooooo many possibilities. I am hooked!

First time I've ever tried it. I like the "kick" it added to my morning coffee. It was a little too sweet for my taste but I brought it into my work and everyone really loved it. I like the suggestion about a pour spout. It was really hard to put just a splash in, I kept overpouring (which may be why I found it too sweet).

I liked the smell the most. It's hard to find a good sugar free syrup and this is probably one of the best I've tasted. Even my husband was impressed!

I tried the vanilla in coffee, smoothies, waffles and even used it over ice cream. It tastes great and it is sugar free so cut down on some of the calories.l I found the flavor to be right on. I am still tryingto find other ways to use it. My friends tried my experiments and did not get a bad review.

This doesn't even taste like a sugar-free syrup. I used it to add a little oomph to my afternoon Chai and it tasted great! It would also be a nice addition to your morning coffee.

I was actually surprised that this syrup did not have that aftertaste that some sugar free products can have. The aroma was very very authentic as well. This syrup is just enough to give your coffee that extra little something without being too overpowering.

I haven't actually received my samples yet but hopefully I'll receive Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup. I've used it before to make latte's and its great in every way. I feel like Im indulging my sense's everytime I make a latte using this syrup and the best part is that its sugar free so I don't have to worry about affecting my diabetes.

My hubby swears he can tell when a product uses Splenda, and this syrup was no different. While I enjoyed the fact that it is sugar free, he did not.

I am unfortunate enough to have gestational diabetes during the holiday season and was so excited to see the different varieties of sugar free flavors! I used this in my decaf coffee several times and was pleased to find that even though I could tell it was sugar free, it didn't leave the gross aftertaste that many sugar free products do.