The Help Movie

The Help Movie

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I absolutely loved, loved, loved this movie. The acting was really good and it stayed true to the book form. It will make you laugh and cry and it's a good history lesson, one never to be repeated. I think even men will enjoy this movie.

Read the book...saw the movie. Although the movie is more condensed it was still very good...Enjoyed both.

One of my favorite books ever! The movie was so, so good - even my husband enjoyed it. This is a must-see.

This movie is fabulous! I haven't seen a movie this good in a while. It actually has a plot and real acting! If you want to laugh, cry and learn about the real world then this movie is for you. Don't miss it!

I watched this movie four times on Pay per view and just bought the book. It brings to life how life was at the start of the Civil Rights Movement in the South. Touching, realistic and true to life.

I absolutely loved this movie! My mother and I went to see it when it was in theaters and it was a learning experience as well.

It is often difficult for a movie to live up to the acclaim of a well written novel, but The Help does meet these expectations. Great i of drama and comedy with social awareness mixed in.

Best movie I have seen in awhile- the characters really drew you in, and the story was fantastic!

My partner and I watched this movie together. We both really enjoyed the way the story was told and felt the acting was amazing. He normally likes action stuff and comedies, so I wasn't sure how this would go over, but he really got into it. It even generated a discussion of the changes and how great it was that there was able to be a true story about what it was like "back in the day". I recommend this movie for anyone - I even considered re-renting it for my tween - I think it would teach him a lot!

This movie was phenomenal! The acting was amazing and really followed the book well! I loved the characters and you really felt like you wanted to know them better! Even my husband liked this movie!

I LOVED this movie. I didn't have a chance to read the book beforehand, but I heard it was amazing as well. I loved this movie and so did my husband, so I think that makes it a great date movie :)

LOVED this movie so much it was nice to not only bring entertainment to people but to teach them and enlighten them to some of history and the treatment of human beings. We are all human beings and all deserve the same love respect and treatment from one another.

Loved! Loved! Loved this movie. I read the book several months ago. Although the movie doesn't follow exactly, it is still great. Even my husband enjoyed it!

This is an amazing movie. It makes you feel the emotions at every twist and turn through tears,pain,fear and laughter. It is a absolute must see! Now I am off to buy the book........

I thought this was a great movie that, if you read the book, it followed the book really well. I do think it is geared more toward the female viewers but I'm sure there are some men that would enjoy the movie also. It's very well written, witty, funny, sad, happy .. stirs up lots of emotions! I think most anyone would have a good feeling at the end of this movie. :)